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100 ways to friendship between Jojo and Janice

Posted by jojo_carrillojojo_carrillo

Yesterday, my friend Janice and I decided on making a 100-item bucket list of things to do together. We made a solemn promise to still be together even up to her 60th birthday and since she will be 32 this year, 2011, we need to do anything on the list every 3-4 years. There are no rules on adding items in the list except not one of us can delete ...

Purchase of Domain

Posted by garrettothomasgarrettothomas


I Bought A Journal

Posted by delightgarrovillodelightgarrovillo

just right after the Pattaya Camp and PhangNga Experience, i was out offline for almost a week.. no facebook, no tumblr, no wordpress, and i bought a noteboook for me to jot everything about everyday!

Can anyone help with Alice's bucket list?

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

Here's a fellow buckaroo that could use our help... Read Alice's story on her blog:

Thailand Trip!

Posted by delightgarrovillodelightgarrovillo

that was fun. what happened there will stay there...

001 - Making my Bucket List

Posted by TyranaTaraTyranaTara

Sick of being bored and content I wanted to start something for myself that would prompt me to complete my goals. So i decided that a bucket list would be the way to do it. Making a list of 100 things to do before i die - some of them are one off things, some of them will take a year to complete. I'm in that motivated mood.


Posted by PDMunroPDMunro

Tomorrow I'll be one more cruise closer to my goal of 25. A 10 day Pacific cruise on the Pacific Pearl.

Visit continents

Posted by jazzabainjazzabain

So far: Africa, North America, Europe and the Arctic

Tim Ferriss on "access to rich experiences"

Posted by JimmyJimmy

Those struggling with lack of motivation and/or funding for their goals… You should head over to and read Avi Solomon's interview with Tim Ferriss:

"And what you find is that the deferred life plan which is based on retirement and redeeming these experiences, that are most valuable in your peak physical years, is a false paradigm. It's a very Faustian bargain and bad bet. So ...

Hold on to your hats....

Posted by mystkatemystkate's blowing a gale!

Make some maragaritas - Check!

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

Been watching a lot of friends (the TV series) lately where Monica and Rachel seem to down these on a regular basis. So ... that got me thinking that I really need to try one of these.

Apparently all I need is some tequila mixed with triple sec and lime or lemon juice. Some salt for the glass rim and some ice. Then mix it up with a blender.

Some ...

Kopi Lewak coffee

Posted by DanDrakeDanDrake

Tried kopi Lewak today, has no bitterness to it at all which is what i dont like about regular coffee. its flavour is really nice and smokey. Expensive, worked out about £3 a cup for the ready ground i bought from Sea Island Coffee Co. i would buy it again as a treat.

Autumn Poconos Hike

Posted by beeayoutifullovebeeayoutifullove

My boyfriend and I hiked a few trails in the Poconos quite spur of the moment in October 2010. It was gorgeous and a great bonding experience for the two of us.

Beach Ride Completed!

Posted by beeayoutifullovebeeayoutifullove

I went riding on the beach March 22, 2011. We went on Island Beach State Park, NJ. I took a horse named Lily, she is older but an all around great horse and I'm glad she was with us for the experience.

Not only did I ride on the beach, but my first experiencing galloping took place this day too! My first gallop - on the beach! It was ...

Something majestic?

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

I probably just caught the seasons last Northern lights ”show” (Aurora Borealis) out on the back yard :). I’ve seen Northern lights a few times before, but tonight’s show was something spectacular you might even say majestic. Seeing the lights dance among the moon and stars you could say it set the sky on fire. The faint call from a nearby night owl really made the magical moment almost perfect.

Some life perspective :)

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

You can always count on Carl Sagan to put life’s little quirks into perspective.


Posted by CCNCCN

Beautiful - and words cannot do justice to this monument.

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