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Learning Italian

Posted by Nelly1976Nelly1976

I just signed up for an online beginners course in Italian. It's run by the BBC. I will received one email per week, each containing a lesson and a set of tests and challenges. After 12 weeks, I take an exam and, assuming that I pass, I can leave it at that, or move on to the next level. And it's free. All being well I should receive my first ...

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls..

Posted by WonkoWonko


What I have Completed so far

Posted by arianabh5arianabh5

I have completed quite a few things on my bucket list. everything i have completed was done in costa rica.
i still have a lot more to do! yay

My first race

Posted by MetalZombie666MetalZombie666

I took my first step towards my goal of running a marathon by competing in my first race. I did a 5K for Cancer Research and completed it in 35:39:60.

I signed up for the exam

Posted by MarieDeSmetMarieDeSmet

I send in my application for the Cambridge CPE exam in December.

Put in a bid

Posted by MarieDeSmetMarieDeSmet

My husband and I put in a bid for a house we really liked. The current owners want to sit down and discuss it. One step closer!


Posted by ad2011ad2011

Done- Manhattan, NY

Thus Far

Posted by MissMarcMissMarc

Grand Canyon is done


Posted by StevenSteven

Tiadaghton Challenge.

Not only a half marathon but.. a half marathon trail run..
over 3 mountains.

100 ways to friendship between Jojo and Janice

Posted by jojo_carrillojojo_carrillo

Yesterday, my friend Janice and I decided on making a 100-item bucket list of things to do together. We made a solemn promise to still be together even up to her 60th birthday and since she will be 32 this year, 2011, we need to do anything on the list every 3-4 years. There are no rules on adding items in the list except not one of us can delete ...

Purchase of Domain

Posted by garrettothomasgarrettothomas


I Bought A Journal

Posted by delightgarrovillodelightgarrovillo

just right after the Pattaya Camp and PhangNga Experience, i was out offline for almost a week.. no facebook, no tumblr, no wordpress, and i bought a noteboook for me to jot everything about everyday!

Can anyone help with Alice's bucket list?

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

Here's a fellow buckaroo that could use our help... Read Alice's story on her blog:

Thailand Trip!

Posted by delightgarrovillodelightgarrovillo

that was fun. what happened there will stay there...

001 - Making my Bucket List

Posted by TyranaTaraTyranaTara

Sick of being bored and content I wanted to start something for myself that would prompt me to complete my goals. So i decided that a bucket list would be the way to do it. Making a list of 100 things to do before i die - some of them are one off things, some of them will take a year to complete. I'm in that motivated mood.


Posted by PDMunroPDMunro

Tomorrow I'll be one more cruise closer to my goal of 25. A 10 day Pacific cruise on the Pacific Pearl.

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