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Make a BucketList


Posted by fixmeisterfixmeister

The goal is achieved... twice noww and I feel better than ever

More than 2/3 through

Posted by CaesaramiCaesarami

Having made my goal to read the Divine Comedy, i quickly set to it but before long i realized the climb i had begun was no easy task. The Inferno, understandably, is the more renown book but the Purgatory is an entertaining piece as well. The poetry has become increasingly difficult but my copy of the Divine Comedy does a lot of explaining. As of now, i am on book ...

Slowly cutting down

Posted by RobbieD3RDRobbieD3RD

I am slowly cutting down my intake of rice which is my main problem. Next time I'll be back to the gym.

Learning Italian

Posted by Nelly1976Nelly1976

Just found out that I won't get my first lesson until next Monday. Ah well, I suppose waiting an extra week won't hurt!

Learning Italian

Posted by Nelly1976Nelly1976

I just signed up for an online beginners course in Italian. It's run by the BBC. I will received one email per week, each containing a lesson and a set of tests and challenges. After 12 weeks, I take an exam and, assuming that I pass, I can leave it at that, or move on to the next level. And it's free. All being well I should receive my first ...

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls..

Posted by WonkoWonko


What I have Completed so far

Posted by arianabh5arianabh5

I have completed quite a few things on my bucket list. everything i have completed was done in costa rica.
i still have a lot more to do! yay

My first race

Posted by MetalZombie666MetalZombie666

I took my first step towards my goal of running a marathon by competing in my first race. I did a 5K for Cancer Research and completed it in 35:39:60.

I signed up for the exam

Posted by MarieDeSmetMarieDeSmet

I send in my application for the Cambridge CPE exam in December.

Put in a bid

Posted by MarieDeSmetMarieDeSmet

My husband and I put in a bid for a house we really liked. The current owners want to sit down and discuss it. One step closer!


Posted by ad2011ad2011

Done- Manhattan, NY

Thus Far

Posted by MissMarcMissMarc

Grand Canyon is done


Posted by StevenSteven

Tiadaghton Challenge.

Not only a half marathon but.. a half marathon trail run..
over 3 mountains.

100 ways to friendship between Jojo and Janice

Posted by jojo_carrillojojo_carrillo

Yesterday, my friend Janice and I decided on making a 100-item bucket list of things to do together. We made a solemn promise to still be together even up to her 60th birthday and since she will be 32 this year, 2011, we need to do anything on the list every 3-4 years. There are no rules on adding items in the list except not one of us can delete ...

Purchase of Domain

Posted by garrettothomasgarrettothomas


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