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Setting goals

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

3 Funreals and a ...

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

I’ve had the misfortune to attend 3 funerals this year (as yet). Some more close than others… It seems as if it’s a new stage in my life. Less weddings more funerals :(

Needless to say I’ve had time to reflect on my own mortality and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to add some post-mortem goals. Yeah, yeah … I know bucketlist is about “living ...

Home, Sweet Home

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

The tl;dr (Too long; didn’t read) version ;)
Visited the northern most Zoo, Polar Zoo. Drove too the outer reaches of the Lofoten archipelago. Made our way home through northern Sweden and Finland.
The result of the trip:
• Clinbing Saana fell
• Seeing the midnight sun
• Visiting Norway
3 bucket list goals down, plenty to go ;)

Camping near Skibotn

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

After camping near Skibotn we headed northeast not sure where we should head. Finally we arrive at a “cross-road” either we we hop on a ferry that will take us (part of the way) too Tromsø or we continue on the road too Alta. A coin flip later we are on the ferry, which in it’s self was an experience.

A short drive and another ferry drive later we ...

We're in Norway

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

So we continued our road trip from Övertorneo,Sweden along the Tornionjoki river on the Finnish side. After a grueling 391km we finally arrived in a rainy Kilpisjärvi. Needless to say not very inspiring camping weather. So even though we had a new and unused tent in the back we opted for a hostel/hotell room.

A nice sauna bathe and well slept night later we headed for the Saana ...

Finally on our way!

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

So last night we finally got everything packed and set the alarm to 6 am. Can’t really say I was that fresh this morning, but we did get on our way about as we expected. Actually only 15-20 minutes late. That included only one quick turn back. This doesn’t mean we remembered everything. In the car, well on our way north, we gradually started to remember stuff we ...

Getting ready for our road trip to Norway

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

We’re getting ready for our road trip to Norway. Just got to get all the camping sh*t together.

  • Got a new 12V grocery cooler to keep everything nice and … eatable.
  • New family sized tent with a “baggage room” and separate inner-tent. Nice!
  • Trangia (outdoor cooker)
  • 2×4 sleeping bags … overkill, maybe. You never know what kind of weather conditions you’ll bee facing.
  • more to come …

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