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Eat An Insect - Done!

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

How did it go down?

I bought some flavored crickets off of Amazon (which came in three flavors). When they arrived, I simply tasted each cricket, expecting it to rush with juices or something. Surprisingly, these were very dry (they were most likely dried) and bit crispy. I can put my finger on the familiar taste they have, but they aren't nasty. However, I wouldn't willingly buy these ...

Learn To Solve A Rubix Cube - Done!

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

How did it go down?

It started with me having no clue how to solve the cube and spending nearly 3 hours watching a video over and over again just to finally get it the first time. I completed it 2 more times before stopping for the night. This morning I memorized most of the steps, but had to look up one part near the end, then solved it. I ...

Cube Solved! (With help)

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

I received my Rubik's cube in the mail yesterday and spent hours watching videos to figure out how to solve it. Finally, I did! I've done it three times last night, with the fastest time being 12 minutes. My next goal is to try and solve it without any help. That means doing all of the steps by memory. Once I can solve it by memory, the hardest ...

New Zealand

Posted by akshayaggarwal27akshayaggarwal27


Posted by WarkedchocoboWarkedchocobo

My story is very long, but also very short. I am a child abuse survivor. I have spent most of my younger life crawling out of the darkness and I have overcome what was done to me and my feelings about it. Having made peace with myself and my past, I am ready to live the remainder of my life in the moment and living it to its fullest. Cannot ...

Tickets Booked for Nightwish

Posted by JaffasRayneJaffasRayne

Another one underway!

Tickets booked to go and see Nightwish in Concert on Saturday 1st May 2021 (It's a close one with all the virus stuff going on!)

Tickets Booked for Within Temptation!

Posted by JaffasRayneJaffasRayne

Just as the Title suggests:

Tickets are booked to do this on 3rd October 2021 (Virus allowing) to go see Within Temptation and also Evanescence!

Révéler Au Monde Qui Est Nicolas/ Niko - Done!

Posted by LydkaLydka

Did you get help or have company along the way?

C'était une chose que je devais faire seule: Nicolas est mon autre, mon moi, ma part masculine. Je l'ai toujours acceptée, mais il me fallait la nommer publiquement. C'est chose faite, je suis une femme avec une part masculine, qui a une existence officielle, pour moi. Je m'accepte pleinement dans ma dualité.

Adobe Audition!

Posted by ameliaburnettameliaburnett

I am going to purchase Adobe Audition. (38% of all users use this software). 


Posted by PANpayton123PANpayton123

Part 1

Posted by nuts_rollnuts_roll

この天国に一番近い島は続編もある為、本は2冊。まずBook Walkerと言うサイトで一冊目をeBookで購入。


Posted by nuts_rollnuts_roll

It was fun!  Very beautiful mansion and many walking trails are connected from the property.  Nice view of Portland downtown.

The cost was $12 to view inside the mansion, and the parking was free due to pending parking meter installation.

Glad I made it.  :-)

Sunday's Summary

Posted by TheForgottenG1rlTheForgottenG1rl

Brief check in on what I have done currently:

I have 2 pages of artwork for the chidren's book sketched

I have 1 room completed and a second room started in the horror skit project.

Weight loss: I am done to 163.6


Posted by nuts_rollnuts_roll

September 2020 - I bought a small condo in the area I like.  I feel very safe in this neighborhood and it's surrounded by trees. I LOVE it - One thing left to do is to add some insulation into the ceiling to block the noises from upstairs. But for now, I am settling down and buying furniture one piece at a time.  No one can EVER kick me out AGAIN ...

cours de chant

Posted by LydkaLydka

A défaut de vraiment pouvoir reprendre des courspour le moment, faute d'argent et par cause du confinement, je pianote et travaille régulièrement chez moi mes partitions pour ne pas perdre mon niveau.


Posted by LydkaLydka

en cours depuis février, malgré 2 pauses pour cause de confinement. Lasalle de sport est fermée, je continue à memuscler de chez moi, aveclesmoyens du bord, j'ai bien renforcé les bra et lesjambes en 8mois, je travaille un peuplus au niveau de la souplesse qui sera aussi utlepour la danse, et de l'enduranceavec le vélo d'apprtement. Je suis passée de peu de sport( juste ...

café des langues

Posted by LydkaLydka

L'idée est bien en place, la page Facebook crée depuis ce printemps, mais le projetbien entamé n'a pu avoir lieu qu'une sele fois pour cause de confinement. Je songe à une version alternative en ligne tant que les lieux publics sont inaccessibles.

chants et danses de la mort

Posted by LydkaLydka

En cours, 1/4mis en place avec pianiste, 2ème en cours de déchiffrage

apprendre la danse

Posted by LydkaLydka

En cours, depuis un mois, mais en pause à cause du confinement, le club est fermé :( je continue à regarder des spectacles depuis ma chaise et à essayer de maîtriser les pas de base et le vocabulaire.

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