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Hello This Is LC

Posted by LCLC


Recently I decided to change the course of my life and evaluate what I really want to do before it is too late for me to shape my life the way I want to. It's not like I'm old. I'm only 26, and yet since the covid began I have been feeling over 50. If I really look back on this period of my life, it ...

Fly Business Class Emirates - Done!

Posted by TiaandPaulMallinderTiaandPaulMallinder

How did it go down?

One of the best experiences ever

Go To The Maldives - Done!

Posted by TiaandPaulMallinderTiaandPaulMallinder

How did it go down?

Worst holiday ever

Sleep In An Igloo - Done!

Posted by TiaandPaulMallinderTiaandPaulMallinder

How did it go down?


My future memories

Posted by MeechiiiMeechiii

After making very poor decisions in life, living in an abusive relationship and then being diagnosed with the rare Leiomyosarcoma, I want to experience things and people and places, most of all I want to really experience the short rest of my life.

Go Camping - Done!

Posted by WanderlustChrisWanderlustChris

How did it go down?

It was great, except for the moment my friend almost burned himself.

Did you get help or have company along the way?

Yes, I was with Friends.


Posted by arisciliariscili

Traveled to Mexico at the age of 14 in 2009

My Bucketlist

Posted by oguzkagansaltikoguzkagansaltik

Nothing to say.

Feb 2021

Posted by nuts_rollnuts_roll

I finally bought e-book. Started to read but stopped. There are too many disctructions in my house!!! Maybe I need to take my e-book when I go travel locally.

2021 April

Posted by nuts_rollnuts_roll

I went to Oregon coast one weekend with my binoculars. Hmmm... I saw nothing. Maybe I should go on to a boat tour. To be continued...

Be On A Jumbotron At A Game - Done!

Posted by tidierdesert13tidierdesert13

How did it go down?

it was cool

Did you get help or have company along the way?

yeah my dad was there

What made it possible? Any advice?

well its just luck

Get A Tattoo - Done!

Posted by dizzydyldizzydyl

How did it go down?

Fine, didnt feel a thing

Did you get help or have company along the way?

Nah, just got it

Bull riding

Posted by Renteria807Renteria807



Posted by JeffHouseknechtJrJeffHouseknechtJr

My husband Jeff is an amazing husband and father.  He has struggled with medical issues his whole life, but they really started in earnest about 6 years ago.  He developed severe MRSA infections as a result of the medicines he was taking to treat his crohn's disease.  Since 2018, he was gradually improving to the point where he often hospitalized for the infections and could start to help me ...

Eat An Insect - Done!

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

How did it go down?

I bought some flavored crickets off of Amazon (which came in three flavors). When they arrived, I simply tasted each cricket, expecting it to rush with juices or something. Surprisingly, these were very dry (they were most likely dried) and bit crispy. I can put my finger on the familiar taste they have, but they aren't nasty. However, I wouldn't willingly buy these ...

Learn To Solve A Rubix Cube - Done!

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

How did it go down?

It started with me having no clue how to solve the cube and spending nearly 3 hours watching a video over and over again just to finally get it the first time. I completed it 2 more times before stopping for the night. This morning I memorized most of the steps, but had to look up one part near the end, then solved it. I ...

Cube Solved! (With help)

Posted by Zariaht4Zariaht4

I received my Rubik's cube in the mail yesterday and spent hours watching videos to figure out how to solve it. Finally, I did! I've done it three times last night, with the fastest time being 12 minutes. My next goal is to try and solve it without any help. That means doing all of the steps by memory. Once I can solve it by memory, the hardest ...

New Zealand

Posted by akshayaggarwal27akshayaggarwal27


Posted by WarkedchocoboWarkedchocobo

My story is very long, but also very short. I am a child abuse survivor. I have spent most of my younger life crawling out of the darkness and I have overcome what was done to me and my feelings about it. Having made peace with myself and my past, I am ready to live the remainder of my life in the moment and living it to its fullest. Cannot ...

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