January 11th marks the 10th anniversary of the public release of The Bucket List movie. To commemorate the date, we hereby declare it:

Bucket List Day

In honor of 10 years of bucket list pursuits across the globe!

The Bucket List Movie

The Bucket List

The two questions... Put on the spot, how would your answer?

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If there's one thing the movie has taught us, it is that you shouldn't wait until the end of your days to conquer your bucket list, when you have the power to do it, right now! Sure, like many of us, maybe you've already fallen off the wagon with your New Year's resolutions. That's ok. A new start is just a moment away and that's what we're here for, along with your buddies. It's also the very point of Bucket List Day!

This is your chance to redefine your dreams and turn them into actionable goals:

12 months, 12 goals

Set your sights on an epic 2018:

  • Define your resolutions as actionable goals and monthly milestones.
  • Plan how you'll "live it up" and make the most out of each coming month.

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Resolutions are one thing, but make sure you make plans for what you'd really like to do in 2018, and who you'd really like to do it with. Set your due dates, your milestones, and get ready to check off an epic 2018!


Make a bucket list?