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Epic Movie Locations to See Before You Die

Follow your favorite movie characters and globetrot through these epic movie locations!

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Mind Blowing

10 Mind Expanding Bucket List Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with desiring physical objects and fun bucket list activities, but when you focus on mastering your mind, you might just find the inspiration necessary, to achieve them ALL!

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✓ that bucketlist

Step 1: Add See A Total Eclipse to your bucketlist

Step 2: Wait X days

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit (get a ✓)

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Pay It Forward – Fulfill a Dream

Make this #PayItForwardDay different and pass on the gift of fulfillment.

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Helping Dreamers With Real Experiences

We put things in motion by launching a community. In the process, we found that, while making a list is good, helping dreamers with real experiences is better...

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"The Top Five Regrets of the Dying"

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Here are the top five regrets of the dying, as quoted by Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care

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Grab Your Dream! Set Your Goal!

In the blurred lines of life, things get overlooked, so here’s the brass tacks: you and your dreams exist in separate realities. Your dreams aren’t going to fall in your lap, they can’t...

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be a hero

Be your hero!

What is success? Well, it’s a lot of things. To those of us who have only dreamed about it, it’s a snapshot, a finish line, champagne and glory, praise all around. But it’s not so simple...

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A Life Led

Childhood dreams however unrealistic or unobtainable they may be, may just steer us on a journey we could never imagine. ...

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The Cove - movie poster

DO NOT Swim with Dolphins

I hereby proclaim "Swim with dolphins" the anti-goal of the week.

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focus on life goals

The Detour To Your Life Goals

The new year can be tricky. It’s a period of looking back, inward, and forward,...

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sailing alone

Are New Year’s Resolutions Inherently Selfish?

Time to try a new tradition of resolutions? Picking resolutions that also helps others

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We all have mountains to conquer

How To Follow Your Dreams: The Village and the Mountain

I don’t know your goals, you don’t know mine. But if you ever want your resolutions to become reality, if you ever want to truly follow your dreams, you’ll keep reading...

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Sticking to life goals

Breaking and Building New Habits

We set a life goal for ourselves and solemnly swear to stand by it for the rest of the year...

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The Power of Two people joining forces to achieve a life goal

The Power of Two

Sharing goals, priorities and dreams with your significant other is not only a great way to build strength in your relationship but it’s also a way to achieve a personal goal you’ve set for yourself. The power of two...

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We all need help from time to time

Ask and you shall receive

You can’t simply dream your goals real and you can’t take the world on by yourself.

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A camper is a great way to travel #bucketlist

How To Finance Your Dream Trip

Asserting that you’re going to travel once and for all is the first domino which sets everything in motion.

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Freefalling is on everyones bucket list

Life in Freefall

Life is what happens to you on the way to reaching your dreams. It’s the journey, not the destination that really matters.

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Time is fleeting, no one knows how much time they have left on this earth

Life's not like the movies

Tomorrow is never guaranteed and unlike the movies there might not be enough time for “one last spin”

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