1. Flash mobs are a great way of enlivening a public area, an event or even your own neighborhood, while getting creative. All you need to do is choose a catchy song, choreograph some easy moves, gather your dancers and select a date, time and location. As the mob leader, you start the action and, one by one your dancers join in. Make sure you get it on film to enjoy the show afterwards.

  2. Imagine having your very own song to hum in the shower? It’s an achievable bucket list idea, especially with the huge range of programs available on line. If that’s not your thing, all you need is a paper and pen, words that have meaning for you and a melody to put them to. Hum a tune or play with simple tunes on the drums or guitar. Put the lyrics and the melody together and, hey presto, you have your song!

  3. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need dance training to choreograph a dance. However, if you have some, put it to good use to make up your own moves. This isn’t about copying music videos – it’s about moving your body in a way that expresses music. Your tools include nothing more than a mirror and your favorite type of music. First though, close your eyes and let your body move how it wants to. While in motion, open your eyes to see the magic of rhythm and movement, without judging yourself. The art is in the self-expression and you might just be surprised at how good you look!

  4. If you haven’t tried writing before, first compose a list of all your interests. Narrow them down to the top three and you have your topics. For example, if you love poetry, chances are you’ll be able to write it. If you know a lot about cats, no doubt you’ll have plenty of funny moments to share. Or, take the big plunge and attempt a novel. Keep it for yourself to take private joy in your accomplishment, publish it on a blog or send it out to publishers and see what happens. There’s an audience for everything, somewhere out there.

  5. Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and been intrigued with an alien language? Get a friend on board and make up your own. Play with words and sounds by writing them down and allocating a meaning to them and verbally finding a tone you like. Think Elvish from Lord of the Rings. Plus, you never know when a secret language might come in handy.

    For some inspiration click Saara's video below :)

  6. Remember tapping on a bucket as a kid, pretending to be a famous rock star? Making maracas out of macaroni? Hearing is a sense that loves to be stimulated and it’s amazing how many ordinary objects can transform into magical music. Raid the kitchen cupboard and make sounds from saucepans and forks, tap out a tune on the coffee table or hang bells from an anklet and jingle as you walk.