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A Small Donation. Anything helps.
Advice,Spanish lessons,and a Custom made candle.

Requested by Johnfhandsome
BucketList Buckaroo: Johnfhandsome
a weekend away acting out a mock trial where I'm on trial, handcuffed and gagged in my undershirt and low-rise briefs and convicted and sentenced ...
To help with any chores or any needs connected to any charities of your choice

Requested by Kariane Bourgault
BucketList Buckaroo: Karieox
I would like to learn the German language!
I can give some lessons of French!

Requested by Kariane Bourgault
BucketList Buckaroo: Karieox
This summer, my friend and I are going in Scotland, in a road trip, to celebrate my 18 birthday and I want to immortalize this ...
I can give some French lessons or I can give some money!

Requested by adrienneg1988
BucketList Buckaroo: Adrienneg1988
I've calculated and it will take about $4,000 for my boyfriend and I to go to Rome. That includes airfare, hotel and food. Just asking ...
Anything I can although I'm not sure what I'd have to offer

Requested by Kaitlyn Botts
BucketList Buckaroo: Robotts
List of books to read that you suggest.
List of books I suggest!(:

Please help me to get in touch with Ellen so that I can be one of the audience on her show and I am so ...

Requested by Sarah
BucketList Buckaroo: Sazz
Anything at all that will provide help
Accomodation in NZ for anyone who would like to visit here

Requested by Eleanor May Sales
BucketList Buckaroo: El
Can I have a penpal from Italy? hehe

To be honest, all I really need is a time and a place for a wedding that I can crash. I am not going to ...
I am not sure what I can offer. Maybe I help with a goal; maybe ...

Requested by lestroisetatsdeleau
BucketList Buckaroo: Lestroisetatsdeleau
I need help for this shopping day

Requested by gracia
BucketList Buckaroo: Gracia
For tips on suggested locations that is more in the "natural" environment

Requested by Charlotte Marsland
BucketList Buckaroo: Its_Randomideas
I know the odd word but nowhere near enough to get through a conversation. Looking for french penpals who I could chat to and become ...
A penpal from scotland

Requested by Charlotte Marsland
BucketList Buckaroo: Its_Randomideas
Im going to Tanzania with the VineTrust next year but the trip cost could be as much as £2,500 which I dont have. I'd appreciate ...
Just ask/ make a request and i'll see what I can do

Requested by Charlotte Marsland
BucketList Buckaroo: Its_Randomideas
Myself and my best friend are planning to visit Paris for a week next year. Would anyone who lives in the centre of Paris be ...
Possibly a pen pal from Scotland? thanks

Requested by Elena
BucketList Buckaroo: Elenasbirch
I'd love to receive postcards or letters from around the world to begin to gain an understanding into other people's way of life ect.
I will send a post card/ letter in return - potential pen pal

Requested by JiangLiehan
BucketList Buckaroo: Jiangliehan
I want have the postcards all over the world.

Requested by ellenvandamme
BucketList Buckaroo: Ellenvandamme
Trying to see the whole world, paying as less as possible.

Requested by yasmin15
BucketList Buckaroo: Yasmin15
Can someone please give me tips on how to take photos of the night sky and stars.
I can draw things and I can give tips on basic spanish.

Requested by Tnelson2014
BucketList Buckaroo: Tnelson2014
My fiancé has never asked me for anything out of the ordinary except he'd like to meet (by his 60th bday in a couple years) ...
Driving tour of the Rocky Mtns (from Denver to Estes Park) beyond beautiful!

Asking is the beginning of receiving! Get help!