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Hi Anyone out there in Surrey or SW London who is good at photography? I'm not really looking for the expense of a full blown ...
I am qualified and experienced in teaching foreign students in Basic English and Grammar. Also ...

I need a connection to a ministry or charity in england. In order to be a career missionary in England I need to first do ...
whatever I can to help you with one of your goals

My top goal is to help my dad see the world but I'm still in college so not a lot of funds yet. I need ...
I can help with mission trip fundraising, college applications, learning languages especially English or Spanish.

Requested by Livia2340
BucketList Buckaroo: Livia2340
I want to be Markus best friend agien

Requested by nicole24
BucketList Buckaroo: Nicole24
I would love being sponsored by a company in my journey to go skydiving.
I will film the whole experience and post it in my youtube channel and other ...

Requested by kipferS
BucketList Buckaroo: Kipfers
Private or group In Maryland
Monetary or we sell Christian and Family Friendly DVDs and CDS for trade, also we ...

I would like to volunteer to interact with children to make their lives a little bit better. Possibly the chidren who struggle with learning or ...
I can tutor in calculus or biology

Requested by Enosakowski
BucketList Buckaroo: Enosakowski
Wanting to Meet Justin Bieber. Either spend a day with him or go on a date.
I am willing to offer whatever I can possible. I might have some special connections, ...

I need 500€ to see my girlfriend, and dispose of one year to raise the money. But the sooner the better :)
What I can offer?

Requested by personface
BucketList Buckaroo: Personface
help me put an invention on the shelves?

Someone who has the capabilities and the know-how to walk me through licensing/inventing a product.
My Adobe Premiere Pro Skills. Other things if I am capable

Requested by Sumeet Mahendra
BucketList Buckaroo: Sumt7
Are you an entrepreneur or the investor, then would you like to guide me...!

Requested by Lance Garbutt
BucketList Buckaroo: Garbutt
I'am a bucket lister from Sydney Australia , recently conquored a major goal on my list to write a book contains my intire bucketlist to ...

Requested by ohshititsyou
BucketList Buckaroo: Ohshititsyou
I want to collect postcards from around the world to fill up my room wall!
Offer a return address on the postcard and I'll send one back!

Requested by ohshititsyou
BucketList Buckaroo: Ohshititsyou
Anyone! Send a handwritten letter to Singapore!
Anyone with the same thing on the bucket list, give me your address and I'll ...

Requested by muskan
BucketList Buckaroo: Smiley
i wish is u attend a beach party before i die

I would love to obtain land and build a small energy efficient home (somewhere around 1,000sqf). It would be nice to have enough property to ...
Cable/Antenna/Fiber optic work, graphic design, outdoor guiding service, manual labor. I would literally give up ...

I want to be in a beautiful place with nothing but stars. the woods is fine and just going out to see it once will ...

Requested by Renee
BucketList Buckaroo: Theirishchick333
I am in love with the Arabic language and I would love to learn it. I used to own a disc that helped me very ...
I live on the Coast of Oregon and I could give personal tours of the ...

Requested by Ladyzim
BucketList Buckaroo: Ladyzim
I love novels, current, historical, and fantasy, as long as its well written and there is content! Throw me your titles!
Ill give you mine!

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