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Requested by maitri805
BucketList Buckaroo: Maitri805
Hey...can someone who is good at photography guide me how to learn basic photography without spending much time & money?
I can be a motivating friend. I can also help u to learn English and ...

Requested by BrokenSecret
BucketList Buckaroo: Brokensecret
I want to swap boxes/presents with someone across the world (I live in Denmark)
Boxes/presents in return

Want to see the northern lights. Want to know a place and time to see them. Live in Minnesota.
Just ask/make an offer. Don't think it should be too hard if you just tell ...

Requested by hollypolly225
BucketList Buckaroo: Hollypolly225
Looking for my soulmate

Requested by Ryanna
BucketList Buckaroo: Ryanna
Wondering where the best place to swim with whale sharks is?

A penpal from across the world

Learn Spanish and/or German
I can teach you Vietnamese/ English

Requested by lynnknott6
BucketList Buckaroo: Lynnknott6
I want to attend a retreat to learn how to be a better me - no how to be the me I want to be ...
I don't know what I have to offer - people say I'm good at designing ...

give me ideas to raise money for st jude research and no kids go hungry one out of five kids go to bed hungry that16 ...

A person to help me stay on top of homework

Requested by nikolmatulova
BucketList Buckaroo: Nikolmatulova
Hi! I have a dream for my best friend Maria. She really loves postcards and letters. She is the nicest, strongest and most honest person ...
I can send you a postcard or a letter in exchange for yours.

Requested by sherry
BucketList Buckaroo: Sfrye2109
I am BEGGING!! or would be happy to trade my service for your family if YOU were to help my finish my website ..ASAP..6618057333 Sherry ...
would be able to assist packing, dressing, making reservation, assist pushing wheel chair or offering ...

Requested by almostphunni
BucketList Buckaroo: Almostphunni
someone to help encourage me to stick to my goals
I'll help you in return and keep you honest if that's what you want!

Requested by sdumal
BucketList Buckaroo: Sdumal
Hi everyone. I learn English and would be great to have a native speaker friends or partners to practice it and learn something new. I'm ...
Instead I can offer to help with learning Russian or Ukrainian. Also you can count ...

Requested by traceyk
BucketList Buckaroo: Traceyk
A job in the music industry
Will work for as low as $10Hr for the experience

Requested by melanie216
BucketList Buckaroo: Melanie216
For help or someone to sponsor me in order to help me reach my goal of traveling all 50 states without causing more financial struggles ...

Requested by Kimberly Rocha
BucketList Buckaroo: Rochaaaa23
Have somebody donate to my college fund in order for me to be able to finish college and not have to drop out.
A promise to work my hardest/finish college and do great things with a degree.

Have somebody or a company sponsor my dream of going to New York.

Requested by gemininorth
BucketList Buckaroo: Gemininorth
I am going travelling South America in 13 months and I am looking for a kind person out there who can teach me conversational Spanish. ...
I am qualified to teach foreign children conversational, written and grammar children. I am also ...

Hi Anyone out there in Surrey or SW London who is good at photography? I'm not really looking for the expense of a full blown ...
I am qualified and experienced in teaching foreign students in Basic English and Grammar. Also ...

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