1. A holiday on a cruise ship is one of the most relaxing ways to rest and rejuvenate, with your BFF. You don’t have to think about cooking, with decadent smorgasbords and restaurants galore. Activities like dancing classes, discos, lectures, theatre shows, sports, spas, jazz clubs and outdoor cinemas keep you occupied, in between cocktails by the pool. That’s all without mentioning the day trips to amazing destinations across the globe, depending on which cruise you choose. A cruise is an amazing way to spend time together, while really living life to the full in true bucket list style.

  2. Do you have special odds and ends you’ve saved from your years together, like letters, jewelry, matching hats or birthday gifts? Make a time capsule by putting together a few items, placing them in a waterproof container and burying it, or storing it somewhere safe, like your parent’s place. Make a pact to unearth your time capsule on a certain date in the future, at least five years from now. Imagine how much fun it’ll be digging it up and reminiscing about your friendship!

  3. Plan to reinvent each other’s style, in any way you like. Take it seriously if you like, to find new ways to switch up your look, or aim to create the silliest, wackiest or most extravagant styles you can imagine. Each of you needs to bring everything you can to complete your fashion makeovers, so you can mix it all together and come up with fantastic ideas. Don’t forget to snap some pics of your favorite styles, to post on social media. You never know, you’re creativity might catch on in cyberspace.

  4. When you really want to cement the friendship for life, get matching tattoos and make a day of it at the tattoo parlor. Obviously, tattoos are permanent, so make sure you choose wisely. Is there a symbol, a sentence or a particular image you both love? Maybe matching hearts celebrate your close relationship, or stars, butterflies and positive affirmations. Perhaps you both go gaga over skulls, crosses or lions. Anything that means something very specific and valuable, to both of you, is the right one.

  5. Chances are you already ‘shop till you drop’ with your BFF. Why not go all out and plan a whole weekend of one of your favorite pastimes together? Choose a shopping area you’ve never been to before or head out of town so you can experience new stores. Even if funds are low and you’re just window shopping, go in and try on expensive outfits, just for the fun of it. Maybe even check off "Pose With A Mannequin In A Shop Window" of your bucket list :) Make sure you buy one matching item or small trinkets, to symbolize your awesome weekend.

  6. A trip to a day spa makes a fantastic present for your BFF, whether it’s their birthday or they just need a good dose of cheering up. However, you don’t need any reason at all to splurge on facials, massages, body scrubs and alternative treatments for relaxation. Some spas offer all-day experiences, whereby you get treatments, lunch, champagne and use of pools and fitness equipment included. So, save up your coins and make a day of it, to fully indulge in the whole experience.

  7. Rather than rely on takeaway for your catch ups, get out the recipe books and try cooking a gourmet meal that’ll make your taste buds water. While you’re cooking, have a glass of red wine, turn the music up and enjoy creating an original taste sensation together. Set the table with your best tablecloth, silverware and table settings and pretend you’re holding a fancy dinner party. If you can’t think of any exotic dishes, try Japanese, Moroccan, Thai or Turkish recipe books.

  8. When you want to go crazy and dance, sing, scream and dress up in whatever way you like, your BFF is always there when you need them. In terms of being able to truly let loose together, nothing compares to passionate crowds, famous musos, delicious street stall food and a fun vibe that’s hard to recreate anywhere but a crazy music festival. If you don’t know what to do on your night out you could always try to relive Katy Perry’s T.G.I.F. Bucket List Just remember to get out your favorite boots, anoint each other with lashings of glitter and gear up to party hard.

  9. Escape the hustle and bustle together and journey into the wild. Make it a point to be minimalistic, so you really get the opportunity to be at one with nature and each other. Basic equipment, such as a tent, mattress, sleeping bags, a gas stove, cooking utensils, food, water and a first aid kit is all you need to be comfortable, but feel like you’re truly 'roughing it'. Roast marshmallows, swap funny stories, spend hours in deep and meaningful conversation about the universe and sleep peacefully under the stars.