1. Skinny Dipping

    Getting naked is practically a ritual for some party-lovers and there’s nothing like skinny dipping in the dark. Whether it’s a pool, the ocean or a freezing cold lake, get your gear off and run screaming into the water. You won’t regret it. However, keep an eye on any friends acting suspiciously - chances are they’re going to sneak off with your clothes.

  2. Truth or Dare

    Follow Katy’s lead and go streaking in the park on Friday night, or dare your friends to do it. A game of truth or dare can be funny, flirty or dirty, so choose your venue to match the aim of your game and make sure you leave your embarrassment at home.

  3. Burning Credit Card

    "Yeah, we maxed our credit cards", might not be what you want to hear after a big Friday night out. But, after a few rounds of drinks, a show or two, late night snacks and a tattoo of Bart Simpson on your back, it could be better just to deal with the fact that it’s part of a big night out. Next time, hide it where you can’t find it or accept the loss in the name of fun.

  4. Kiss and Run

    The kiss and run (or pash and dash in Aussie slang) is practically a rite of passage for any self-confessed party animal. It may have you singing, "we kissed but I forgot", many times over, and that’s half the fun. The aim is to kiss a stranger and, basically, just disappear. Make a bet with your friends to see who can achieve the first kiss and run. If you’ve had your eye on a crush for a while, this might be the excuse you’ve been looking for, to lock lips without the awkwardness

  5. ménage a trois

    It doesn’t have to be a ménage a trois, aka Katie Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), but living a sexual fantasy might just be one of the best Friday nights’ you’ll ever have. Set the scene with your partner or crush and unleash your inner desires, in whichever way makes you feel comfortable and free.

  6. Break the Law

    "Warrant’s out for my arrest" might not be the best way to end your Friday night, but you can flaunt the rules without landing in jail. Crack into society’s laws instead and watch people’s jaws drop. Start dancing in the street like you just can’t stop, sing at the top of your lungs at a restaurant, wear outrageous outfits and basically break the rules of accepted behavior, just for the fun of it.

  7. Post Pics Online

    Forget about looking hot, cool or perfect online, and just post the crazy pictures of your Friday night instead. Better yet, spend a whole Friday night dressing up in ridiculous outfits, posing in strange places and posting pics to all your friends. You never know who’ll be sitting at home in need of a laugh and your crazy antics might just lift their spirits. Chances are, they’ll be joining you to do it all again, next Friday night.

  8. Barhopping

    Instead of hanging out at your favorite haunt this Friday night, get into the bar hopping spirit and try as many as you can, before the sun comes up. Make a 'one drink rule', so you don’t get stuck at one place. By the end of the night, you might have lost, or even gained, a few friends along the way and that’s half the fun. Especially when you swap stories or check out social media the next day, to see where everyone ended up

  9. Shooters

    Are you ready to line up the shots? Drinking games at the bar are the way to go. An easy one is to flip a coin and, while it’s in the air, yell heads or tails. Everyone who gets it wrong, has to do a shot. Another fun game is to ban the words 'no' and 'yes' from any conversations. Try your best to trick your friends into saying either word. As soon as someone slips up - you guessed it - they have to do a shot.

    Then, there’s always beer pong, which is perfect for a house party. Pick two teams of two people each and fill 12 plastic cups with beer to about half way. Arrange six cups for both teams in the style of bowling alley pins. The aim is to shoot a ping pong ball (or similar) into the opposing team’s cups. If a ball makes it into that team’s cup, they have to shot the beer, and vice versa.

  10. Glitter Party

    There’s nothing better than "glitter all over the room", to put you in the party spirit. First up, cover yourself from head to toe in sparkly threads to lead the way for the dress code. Decorate your house or venue with anything that shines in the light and make glitter bombs to explode in the air, as your friends arrive. You can even bake cupcakes with edible glitter on top, so your stomach doesn’t have to miss out on the action.

  11. Flamingo in a Pool

    Who doesn’t love an epic pool party, when the weather heats up? Especially when the guests of honor can be "pink flamingos in the pool". Give your party an inflatable toy theme and fill the pool with sharks, balls, water seesaws and bumper boats. Anything goes really, as long as everyone gets to laugh during hours of slippery fun. Afterwards, set up a projector in the backyard for a swim-up movie and make sure you choose Jaws. Those inflatable sharks will definitely come in handy, to give someone the Friday night fright of their life.

  12. Raid a Minibar

    You can "smell like a minibar" too, when you check into a hotel and raid those tiny bottles of spirits that cost an absolute fortune. Team up with a few friends and you won’t feel so guilty. Just think, you might never try straight whiskey from such a cute little bottle again. Or gin. Or vodka. Did someone say tequila? Make the most of the hotel stay and order room service, wear bathrobes and watch the comedy channel as you sip on your miniatures. Jump on the bed, dance like crazy and make as much mess as you like, knowing you get to check out in the morning.

  13. Get a DJ

    Hiring an epic turntablist for a Friday night party guarantees non-stop fun. You might not get to say, "DJ’s passed out in the yard", (unless the DJ is you and you swig vodka between sets) but you will get to rock on until the early hours of the morning. After all, nothing revs up a crowd more, than live beats streaming across the air. Whether you hold the party in a hall, at your favorite club or in the backyard, it’s the DJ that brings the all-important good vibes.

  14. Get a Hickey

    Hickeys aren’t just for teenagers. Revisit your high school years and make getting a purple stunner on your neck the aim of a Friday night out for singles. No matter how many drinks are consumed, if you have to ask, "Is this a hickey or a bruise?" it’s just not counted. Unless you really can’t tell with your beer goggles on.

  15. Dance on Tabletops

    If you’ve ever "danced on tabletops", no doubt you’re ready to do it again. If not, move it straight to the top of your Friday night bucket list. To ensure the success of your endeavor, leave the high heels at home, make sure you can stand straight (as tabletops make this much harder), and don’t choose a venue your grandparents are likely to eat at.