Before I die I want to...
Go On A Cruise

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3333 buckaroos have listed 'Go On A Cruise' as one of their life goals:

Love being on the sea...even though I can't swim.


Wanna go with family and friends


"Booking a cruise will always make you richer"


Im somewhat scared of boats but I like the water and to vacation, so vacationing on a boat would be cool to me


I would like to see the sea at all times and have fun on the cruise.


My obsession with traveling has sparked my interest in traveling on a cruise someday alone or with family. Everything feels perfect with the cool breeze, the sound of the ocean, and the dazzling view of the sky.


i wanna go on a 2-3 week cruise traveling just having a good time


I think it's the ultimate winning there


I have already done this. I went on a cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico and back with my Aunt's family and some of their friends. I went the year after my freshman year of college.


Watching everyone else around me being taken places, and having adventures as a kid is what sparked my want for travel related things like taking a cruise. I remember a girl I use to know was taken out of school to go on one with her parents, and she came back with so many amazing things and stories. Now that I am older with little to hold me back from doing so I plan to do it myself.


Go on a cruise with my best friend


Always been taking care of the family an forgot about myself.


I wanted to travel on a cruise for a long time. When I was 16 years old my family finally went on our first ever overseas holiday! COMPLETED: October 23rd, 2013


Eastern Caribbean Cruise April 2018 - St. Thomas, Grand Turk, San Juan and Amber Cove Southern Caribbean Cruise April 2020 - Curaco, Bonaire & Aruba


I want a 7-10 days cruise trip, in Europe.


Im afraid of the deep ocean. In the past few years, I did go out on a short whale watching trip where I couldnt see land and it was a great experience. Id like to continue to face my fears - this goal is more about the experience than the destination.


Go on a cruise to Hawaii when I turn 30 years old.


Haven't been on a cruise. Would love to go on a Viking cruise


I would like to experience travel on a ship


I want to go on a cruise. To overcome my sea sickness before I die.


Mediterranean cruise, to see various places whilst traveling in luxury and eating amazing food


I want to go on a cruise with my family. I was diagnosed with Huntington Disease in 2016 and as my my disease progresses I'm becoming more limited in my time frame.


i wanna go on a cruse to the bahamas


Never been, Heard it's fun...I like fun


I’ve always wanted to go on one before


I am scared of going on cruises


i want to be on the ocean and go with the flow


Mexican Riviera or Hawaii, maybe both 😁


i really want to go on a cruise


i love the water and i love to swim


I want to go on an island cruise


Go on a Cruise with my family or friends


romanti cruise with the love of my life


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


Been wanting to spend quality time with son


I would love to take a cruise in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


I want to go on a cruise because everyone I know that has been on one said it's a cool experience.


I want to go on a cruise at Caraibi


I love traveling and have had the chance to fly overseas when I was in college on a mission trip but have never been able to go on a cruise. I have friends and family who have gone on cruises and have came back telling great stories. Would enjoy adding this to my list.


I want to go on a cruise so that i can explore the oceans!


I want to go on a cruise with my friend Nathan someday in the future


Photos and see what it is like to be on a ship with all the different activities.


I've always wanted to go on a cruise to the European with either my linesisters, family or best friends.


I want to go cruising...i got the inspiration from titanic..


Just something i want to experience. Especially since i have a fear of being out in the middle of nowhere on the ocean.


never been, so it must be done


Ive never been on a cruise and now i'm retired I want to relax and enjoy the entertainment and visit lots of places.


A relaxing cruise to an island with water i can see right through sounds like a great vacation.


I love Oceans and spending time on a cruise is the best way to enjoy its wilderness.


A cruise cruise if you know what I mean