Before I die I want to...
Go On A Cruise

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i want to be on the ocean and go with the flow


Mexican Riviera or Hawaii, maybe both 😁


i really want to go on a cruise


i love the water and i love to swim


I want to go on an island cruise


Go on a Cruise with my family or friends


romanti cruise with the love of my life


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


I would love to take a cruise in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


I want to go on a cruise because everyone I know that has been on one said it's a cool experience.


I want to go on a cruise at Caraibi


I love traveling and have had the chance to fly overseas when I was in college on a mission trip but have never been able to go on a cruise. I have friends and family who have gone on cruises and have came back telling great stories. Would enjoy adding this to my list.


I want to go on a cruise so that i can explore the oceans!


I want to go on a cruise with my friend Nathan someday in the future


Photos and see what it is like to be on a ship with all the different activities.


I've always wanted to go on a cruise to the European with either my linesisters, family or best friends.


I want to go cruising...i got the inspiration from titanic..


Just something i want to experience. Especially since i have a fear of being out in the middle of nowhere on the ocean.


never been, so it must be done


Ive never been on a cruise and now i'm retired I want to relax and enjoy the entertainment and visit lots of places.


A relaxing cruise to an island with water i can see right through sounds like a great vacation.


I love Oceans and spending time on a cruise is the best way to enjoy its wilderness.


A cruise cruise if you know what I mean


I wanted to experience the fun and party in a big ship. And see place from the ocean view.


When I had all the kids home and I was skinny, I imagine the tranquility, rest, peace, no demands and unlimited yummy food. Now the appeal has lessened but I still am curious.


Ever since my friend told me of her experience on her cruise I've wanted to go on a cruise. It's a vacation away from land a break of what always seeing the same environment. You get enjoy time with whomever accompanied you.


Who doesn't want to go on a big ship?


I would like to go on a cruise to anywhere and enjoy seeing things that most people can't and share with others.


Go around the World on the Disney Cruise Line.


A cruise is the only way I haven't traveled. I am intrigued to try it at least once....preferably with my parents, as they love to cruise.


Went on our 1st Carnival cruise to the western caribbean.


never been, and always had a fear that I would fall overboard. But lets do it!!


I've never thought I would be able to travel or see the world, but my husband convinced me that anything is possible. I realized I wanted to see everything, and where else is better to start than on a nice vacation that we seriously need? I think it would be great. Warmth, water, and exploration.


Boats with booze, food and awesome activities while traveling to new places, what's not to like?


Alone With my girls (together or individually) With my girlfriends With Tim With a group of other couples


I've been around the world 3 times and have used almost every imaginable type of transportation available from planes to trains and ferries to hydrofoils, but I have yet to take a luxury cruise as my destination in and of itself.


One day we will have enough money for the entire family to go on a cruise


I think it would be nice and relaxing to have a cruise vacation.


I think it would be a fascinating feeling to know land is so far away.


I have always wanted to go on a cruise


Will be doing this in June/July 2015 with Lisa Barnes. Will be going to Turkey and Russia, so will be able to cross a couple of other things off my list!


Water Water everywhere!! But I'm sure the view would be breath taking.


I love the sun and the sea. I love holidays in general and I think cruises always look beautiful, always in different places, discovering lots of cultures, it just sounds like paradise to me.


I hate the ocean and get sea sick in the shower, so this is a big bucket list favorite for me


Grand Bahamas, Jamaica , key west , scuba diving for 25th anniversary


preferably through the Amazon or Alaska.


I really want to have a one-week cruise sometime, even if i do it all by myself, i think it will be a great way of meeting new people and making friends:)


Beautiful calm sea n amazing scenery...n a cruise with frnz What else do u want


Royal Caribbean Cruise in 2008 with Dad


all you can eat good food, excursions, have a good time. DisneyCruise would be sweet ;)