1. Venice literally whispers romance from crumbling palace walls, dark canal waters and narrow alleyways designed to intrigue. Though it’s possibly one of the most clichéd romantic experiences in the world, taking a gondola ride in Venice truly lives up to its reputation. Sitting on plush cushions with fancy rugs, your gondolier navigates through impossibly pretty canals, under bridges and around magnificent architecture. You’re lulled into a sense of bliss together, by the lapping waves and sounds of magical Venetian life floating by on the air. To top it off, dine by the Grand Canal at a candlelit restaurant and truly live “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life).

  2. The ‘City of Light’ has attracted lovers for years, which has much to do with the seductive appeal of the Parisian’s themselves. Apart from that, the city is practically an ode to beauty, with breathtaking architecture, leafy boulevards and the romantic allure of the banks of the River Seine. If there’s anywhere in the world to have the ultimate lover’s dinner, Paris is the place to do so. Choose Michelin-starred restaurants, cozy local haunts or alfresco cafes – they all exude the decadent atmosphere that enhances love-filled encounters.

  3. Just going to Hawaii as a couple is enough to spark romance and excitement. Swaying palm trees, balmy weather and pristine sand makes the ultimate backdrop for love. It’s also the perfect spot to have that unforgettable kiss under a waterfall, a couple’s experience you’re guaranteed to remember forever. You can rest assured that your stay at this island paradise will lead you towards discovering new levels of delight, with your own relationship.

  4. It’s a fantasy bucket-list idea that’s topped many a love-struck girls fancy, and for good reason. A horse and carriage ride in Central Park is the perfect way to enjoy the famous scenery together. All you have to do, is sit back, relax and know that there’s no need to pinch yourself – the dream is actually a reality.

  5. Vanuatu is a tropical paradise full of deserted beaches, secluded lagoons and abundant marine life. In an incredible line up of adventures to try, diving as a couple is at the top of the list. Hold hands underwater as you explore coral caves, colorful fish and the dark, mysterious depths of the wreck of the SS President Coolidge. Vanuatu seems to have it all... beaches, diving, accesible active volcano and the land diving ritual (the original bungy jump!)

  6. The streets of Buenos Aires literally breathe romance, with dancing, music and fun on every corner. As a couple’s bucket list destination, you have the opportunity to fully embrace the passion of Latin living. The food, the throbbing drum beats, the enthusiasm for life and creativity is out in the open for everyone to enjoy. Take a dance class to learn the tango from the true professionals or simply make your own moves on a romantically lit street – either way, you’re guaranteed to feel love in the air.

  7. The Danube River is a favorite among poets, artists and photographers for its sheer beauty. It’s perhaps for this reason that sailing through the charming villages on a river cruise is a top couple’s bucket list adventure. Either do a day cruise from Budapest or spend a week on board a luxury vessel, with your own plush cabin and ample space on deck for sunset cocktails each night.

  8. Picture an infinity pool overlooking the lush jungle, with rushing rapids beneath you and treetops filled with birds above you. This is what it’s like to stay in the jungle in Bali, specifically the spiritual epicenter of Ubud. To top it off, you can indulge in delicious, local cuisine full of spices, cultural entertainment, long strolls in the emerald green rice paddies and sunsets dipping below the iridescent water of the Indian Ocean.

  9. The Sahara Desert’s vast sand dunes provide the perfect backdrop for a twinkling sky, with no lights to dull the incredible spectacle. You can book camel rides in the Sahara, with an overnight stay in a luxury desert tent to make the most of the romantic sight. You’ll get to eat delicious local cuisine, like Moroccan tajines, sip wine on Aladdin rugs on the sand and bathe under the moonlit skies of an exotic country.

  10. Prague is a fairy tale city like no other, with soaring turrets, charming cobbled streets and the Vltava River winding its way through historic districts and pretty parks. Strolling the streets in the Old Town, especially in the snow, makes you feel like a couple straight out of a romantic, black and white movie. There’s also a wealth of hidden, underground restaurants to cozy up in, while you whisper sweet nothings in the dark.