Before I die I want to...
Ride A Gondola In Venice

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1682 buckaroos have listed 'Ride A Gondola In Venice' as one of their life goals:

Revisit Venice and ride a gondola


I never had this dream, except that when I thought of Italy, I definitely thought of it.


I would absolutely love to do this. Italy is such a beautiful country


Before I go I have to open my heart and take down my walls to those i think of everyday. The love of my life who I want so much but can never admit. The one I lost and failed, and the one who pushed us away. I can not live in fear of my past anymore.


Ride A Gondola In Venice, Italy


Me & Krystal went on a really beautiful romantic holiday to Venice a year ago & LOVED IT! It is such a magical place I'd love to return to again 100%!! The gondola was a dream of ours we really wanted to experience & it was every bit romantic & beautiful!!


I've done it in Vegas, but desperately want to experience the REAL DEAL. I love Italy, but haven't made it to Venice yet.


I love to travel and am hoping for an opportunity to back to Europe and see and experience all the things I didn't see and do while I was there before.


love it. you would crazy not to


Went to Venice but was on a budget and couldn't quite manage to ride a gondola. Hope to go back and tick that one off :)


i need to be proposed to on this...just saying


I've never traveled outside my own country. I don't even have a passport. I guess I should add "get a passport" first!


only if I can drink wine and eat pizza on it lol


I love travel. Its seems relaxing.


wanna do this on my first wedding anniversary ;D


I know that Peter's been to Italy I'm pretty sure he's got to do this. I'd like to do it again with him. I did it in Vegas but that's a bit different.


I would love to do this with a loved one, it sounds so romantic.


Having a romantic break in Venice wouldn't be complete without a ride in a gondola!


Just thought that would be interesting.


Indian song from movie The Great Gambler:"Do lafso ki hai..."


Riding a gondola in Venice? With the singing gondolier in a straw hat? What the heck! Why not? (Besides the hefty price.)