What do I really want?

It's terribly convenient that there's a blog section here. I've been meaning to start a blog just to get my daily thoughts out of my head any put into something productive. I guess this'll be the place to do it. Obviously, I'll want to make it actually related to my Bucket List, or at least the things I would like to do someday.

The biggest goal for me is to travel with my husband, as already previously stated in my profile. I've wanted to travel a little for most of my life, but my husband, Kyle, is the one who has really inspired me to want to see everything. He's crazy, energetic, and just wants everything out of life. I think he's a great man and I want to experience everything life has to offer along side him.

I'm creative, while he's adventurous and really smart so it can be hard to find things in common that we both want to do, but we work hard at it and I think we've finally reached that balance. I want to be well traveled with him. We want to see things you don't get to see everyday.