Slowly Making it

So, 10 months ago, I moved from Ireland to England. Why? Because i'd finished my education and honestly? I had one friend because every other person over there has like, 20 different faces then my mum and dad. I was 17 at the time, I moved over with my boyfriend and luck was in my corner and I got a job within two weeks in a little coffee shop in the town center, and honestly, The girls in this coffee shop are the most genuine and kindest girls i think ill ever meet in my life. I sound soppy but they have been such good friends to me, so id been in this country 2 months, and I was more content and happy here working all the hours god sends than I was in ireland doing nothing, I cant even explain properly, i dont even understand it but theres just something that feels right. My friendship with these girls got better and better and my little house got nicer and nicer and life seemed to be on top till me and my boyfriend started not getting on, and he moved back to Ireland. ( we were together for over 3 years) I didnt let it stop me though, sure I almost cried every day at work for a solid 2 weeks, but eventually I got stronger and got a gym membership and started Boxercise with Annmarie and I have to say its the best sport for girls who want a giggle but who want to learn a bit of self defence and boy strength. My big 18 was round the corner and I was going back to Ireland and every inch of my body was dreading it and sure enough, it was a complete disaster and probably up there with my top 5 worst nights out ever but, me and my boyfriend did get back together and he came back with me. Shortly after that, I applied for University and I got in! Its a Honours Law Degree. I know its gonna be tough but I'm so excited but absolutely petrified aswel. Thats all for september though. But i've made so much progress in these last 10 months, and most importantly, Im not the person i was 10 months ago and I honestly couldnt be prouder of that! I'm Stronger, Im more confident and im not afraid to be myself around anyone. I used to be that girl who kept quiet and didnt have a voice but now Im that girl who has the voice and it happy with life no matter how hard it gets. Sure money is really tight all the time but lifes not about money. I cant wait to see where else my journey takes me.
It really is true, life doe get better.
Thanks to all who read this. :)