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Make a BucketList


Posted by MissOptimismMissOptimism

What exactly am i scared of? Everything and nothing at the same time. What I am going to lose out on is infinite. The things I will not get to do. I want to be present at my sister's wedding. Hell! I wanna have a wedding. I want to graduate college and be a success for my family! But I have read that dying is like falling asleep, it happens ...

Nearing giving blood

Posted by chanel121chanel121

well, i'm nearing giving blood now, I'm quite excited no-one i know gives blood and I read something shocking that only 5 out of 100 people give blood! thats shocking :(
I asked people if they would ever give blood, family, frieds ect... and they all said no.
So I'd like to say, could you give blood if you can? you could help save a life :)

My first tattoo

Posted by redroversisredroversis

My first tattoo was an awesome experience! I want to get another one! It was such a rush! If you're thinking about seriously getting one, my advice, JUST DO IT!!

I'm trying to make a cute "Dates" bucket list. Whether it be creative, romantic, cute, layed-back, or special.

Posted by wemaydreamwemaydream

If you have any ideas, please post them! They would be greatly appreciated. (:


Posted by werloxwerlox

Sri Lanka

Day 1 - Their not here yet

Posted by DreikotyneDreikotyne

So far I have yet to see any living dead walking the streets, so it appears that today is another zombie free one.

My Bucket List

Posted by BoomerangPrincessBoomerangPrincess

There's nothing more exciting than crossing things off of your bucket list. This upcoming year, I plan on doing the things I've always wanted to do. I want to make the best out of life and live without regret. :)

October 15 2011

Posted by klarko37klarko37

Today I made my Bucket List. It is not complete, though who's is? I'm in the midst of it, so I don't count this as complete.

States I've been to.

Posted by YuubishoukiYuubishouki

New Mexico - Red River
Texas - San Antonio
Illinois - Chicago

this is my first blog post.

Posted by rachelmcgowanrachelmcgowan

as if i needed another blank space to put my thoughts.

7 continents

Posted by Melissa1Melissa1

Out of 7 continents, I grew up in the USA, have traveled to Canada and Mexico, and I've visited South Korea. Two down, 5 to go.


Posted by fixmeisterfixmeister

The goal is achieved... twice noww and I feel better than ever

More than 2/3 through

Posted by CaesaramiCaesarami

Having made my goal to read the Divine Comedy, i quickly set to it but before long i realized the climb i had begun was no easy task. The Inferno, understandably, is the more renown book but the Purgatory is an entertaining piece as well. The poetry has become increasingly difficult but my copy of the Divine Comedy does a lot of explaining. As of now, i am on book ...

Slowly cutting down

Posted by RobbieD3RDRobbieD3RD

I am slowly cutting down my intake of rice which is my main problem. Next time I'll be back to the gym.

Learning Italian

Posted by Nelly1976Nelly1976

Just found out that I won't get my first lesson until next Monday. Ah well, I suppose waiting an extra week won't hurt!

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