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Part of what is important

Posted by abettertmrwabettertmrw

The most Beautiful

Posted by YarYar

I saw a girl .She was beautiful .She was from my country .My peers pushed me to speak to Her.
I spoke to her.....
She Was Beautiful .
Everything about her was Beautiful.Blue Eyes..Transparent were a window to her beautiful Soul.


Posted by YarYar

Started working on learning EKG.

Cherish every moment

Posted by TimahTimah

In 2011, ive learned so many things. in happiness nor sadness. Life is really, unpredictable. Here i am, regretting what i didn't do to the people who have left. We don't know when is our time to leave this world. Only god knows that. It's time for me to wake up & take every chance in life to cherish all the people who hater me nor love me. Smile everyday. ...

So far

Posted by YarYar

Things that matter the most to make study fun:
a good enviroment sets up the tone , sit in a colorful place with bright colors ,full of energy,with a touch of classical music.....
And read as if you were playing a memory game...
use your imagination ....

I found the school close by.

Posted by jeremysiedzikjeremysiedzik

In the end, the cost will be 12,500K for my private pilots license. Then I will need to add the hours and training for my commercial pilots license. Let's get started. I will obtain the study guides that I need and start to teach myself as much as possible, before class begins in spring, 2012.

Standard Chartered Marathon

Posted by danielsohdanielsoh

It was an experience of a lifetime. This was the moment to test your mental endurance to your physical endurance.
I ran a 5hr race. Real proud of myself. No compression clothing, energy gel, food, heat rubs, nothing. Just water and salt drinks provided. It was also an awesome day to run.
Finished with a sprint and two hands raised up in the air like i was the ...

Make it happen

Posted by RusydinaRusydina

We don't know when we will die, we don't know what will we will become. Why not, take the chance to do something? While we still live? Not necessarily to be really extreme that is against one's religion. But something to make us understand, something that can tell us, that we are worth living. Once in a life time chance. Right? I don't know when God will take my life. ...


Posted by auroralunaauroraluna

So its a work in progress but I'm getting there. Though I actually think to make a cookbook of my life it'll never be finished.. but I want it to be HUGE like have ALL my favorite dishes from all over the world and everything though it'll probably consist of A LOT of desserts hahaha.


Posted by MissOptimismMissOptimism

What exactly am i scared of? Everything and nothing at the same time. What I am going to lose out on is infinite. The things I will not get to do. I want to be present at my sister's wedding. Hell! I wanna have a wedding. I want to graduate college and be a success for my family! But I have read that dying is like falling asleep, it happens ...

Nearing giving blood

Posted by chanel121chanel121

well, i'm nearing giving blood now, I'm quite excited no-one i know gives blood and I read something shocking that only 5 out of 100 people give blood! thats shocking :(
I asked people if they would ever give blood, family, frieds ect... and they all said no.
So I'd like to say, could you give blood if you can? you could help save a life :)

My first tattoo

Posted by redroversisredroversis

My first tattoo was an awesome experience! I want to get another one! It was such a rush! If you're thinking about seriously getting one, my advice, JUST DO IT!!

I'm trying to make a cute "Dates" bucket list. Whether it be creative, romantic, cute, layed-back, or special.

Posted by wemaydreamwemaydream

If you have any ideas, please post them! They would be greatly appreciated. (:


Posted by werloxwerlox

Sri Lanka

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