as of 4/13/2014

So far... 4 countries

(only counting countries that I've gotten to experience at least a little bit of, not just passing through)

United States - born and lived for most of my life, still so much to see though!
Canada - My uncle had a cottage on the Canadian side of the great lakes that we would visit for family reunions. From what I remember it was absolutely beautiful, I would love to go again and get a more in depth picture.
Japan - My family was stationed in Okinawa (a island south of mainland) for 5 years when I was a kid, and now I'm currently stationed here myself. Only visited mainland once to climb Mt. Fuji though.
Kyrgyzstan - My first deployment, beautiful country and mountains. Got the opportunity to go to a village surrounded by mountains off base and do some horse back riding, never seen a place as beautiful yet.