1. Dare to sleep outside under the inky, night sky, this Halloween. Get a group of friends together and head out into the forest, with nothing but the essentials and your favorite scary stories for entertainment. Or, make a night of it at the beach and stay until the sun comes up to burn away the frights of the night.

  2. Have you ever watched Jaws? If not it may, or may not be, a good idea before skinny dipping in the ocean this Halloween. If the thought of horrifying mechanical sharks is too much to bare, choose a lake, strip naked and experience the freedom of nude swimming under the starry sky.

  3. Medieval castle walls hold secrets of murder and mayhem, especially those throughout Europe. This is a BucketList idea that, once you’ve ticked it, you’ll remember forever. On Halloween, you’ll scare yourself senseless just wandering through dark hallways, creepy turrets and secret passageways.

  4. A murder mystery dinner is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween, so pop it on your BucketList to attend, or even host one. The host allocates characters to each guest, including that of the murderer and victim. Clues are given and each person strives to discover the murderer, throughout dinner. Don’t forget to dress in your most outlandish costume, to suit your character!

  5. Set up a projector outside or turn your lounge room into a scary den for the ultimate freaky movie night. Depending on what type of movies you like, watch blockbusters including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scream, Little Shop of Horrors, The Exorcist, Blair Witch Project and Ghostbusters for a little comic relief in between. Then again, no Scary Movie Night can be complete without a Dracula ...or two :)

  6. Give yourself a thrill and get lost in a corn maze this Halloween. Experience the breeze whooshing through corn stalks taller than you and, if you dare, enter just before the sun goes down, to turn up the fright factor.

  7. You’re sure to find a haunted house near you, whether it’s a motel with a grisly past or an old-fashioned bed and breakfast haunted by previous owners. Peer into dark corridors, open those creaky closets and keep an eye out for resident ghosts, all through the night.

  8. There’s no better excuse than Halloween, to dress up any way you like. Always wanted to play The Joker, from Batman? Find yourself a Catwoman and host the best fancy dress party in town. It’s also the perfect time to play with fake blood, body paint, flamboyant wigs, spooky accessories, props and decorations for your venue.

  9. Nothing puts you in the Halloween spirit, like raiding a pumpkin patch to find the best one for carving. Plus, many pumpkin retailers offer activities while you’re there, with seasonal treats like caramel apples and pumpkin pies. When you get home, get ready to carve your prized possession into your best version of the traditional Jack O’ Lantern and put it on display for the neighborhood to enjoy.

  10. Cemeteries take on a whole different vibe under black skies, especially those of Halloween night. Take a friend, or go solo if you dare, and walk slowly through the graves. See how long you can stay there for, before the image of zombies and vampires bursting through coffin lids, gets the better of you.

  11. Bobbing for apples is a fall tradition that’s been around for centuries and it’s especially popular at Halloween parties. You just need a large tub of water, a heap of apples and enough friends willing to get their heads wet trying to grab a piece of fruit in their teeth, without using their hands.

  12. Whether you want to drive around town with the windows down or throw a party, you’ll need the ultimate Halloween playlist to really get in the spirit. Some of the best songs include Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love, Pendulum’s Tarantula, Beyoncé’s Haunted and the X-Files Theme Song.

    Add your #1 Halloween track to the BucketList playlist on Spotify or just have a listen to the list

  13. Spending Halloween in a ghost town or in one of the world’s most haunted cities will ensure you get your kicks out of the scare-factor. Salem, Massachusetts, is best known for its famous witch trials and offers plenty of Halloween-themed entertainment. Prague, in the Czech Republic, is home to the demons of Houska Castle and London’s stories of torture and murder would fill a lifetime of Halloween fright nights.

    Most cities conduct haunted street tours, with a behind the scenes look at the weird, wacky and downright frightening. You’ll discover all the spots local ghosts like to roam, as well as murder sites and creepy stories from the past.

  14. Dress up as your favorite scary character and frighten the wits out of people at a Halloween party near you. Or, try to get into the most exclusive party in town, because no one will even know who you are behind the mask.

  15. Have you always wanted to direct your own movie? While everyone’s got their scary costumes and freaky vibe on, take the opportunity to direct your own horror movie. It can be as simple as writing a short script, giving your friends a character each, setting your house up with some props and filming with your phone. After all, you never know where your spontaneous creativity might lead, and it’ll be a whole lot of fun screaming in the process. ...and remember nothing is scarier than the monsters that are left to the imagination. Let is more :)