Before I die I want to...
Sleep Under The Stars

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"Sleep under a blanket of stars, and your heart will forever be kept warm by your love of life."


I think I might have done this once before, but I can't remember. So, I want to re-visit this goal. If I did, it was on my grandmother's patio in California, with the temperature warm enough to. I slept outside for the night with my cousins and sister, but I can't remember if I saw the stars or not.


I have done this but would like to many more times


So much surrounded that I feel like I'm falling into them.


Rules: -outside all night, no tents -cloud cover not permitted -must actually sleep at some point -don't get eaten by bears


Awe inspiring experience that will give me respect for the greatness of the universe. And how small I am.


The Starry poem...romance


I want to experience this....I think it's one of the most beautiful things in the world.


I'm not talking with a canvas sheet called a tent between me and them either. Just watching the night sky is so peaceful. They're so beautiful and I'm in awe of how great our universe is!


I want to experience the world in its rawest form


I want to have that experience of being close to nature and really living in the moment. I want to see all the stars and constellations before I fall asleep.


breeze is passing by my ear and Seeing the stars with naked eyes just before sleep is all i dream about.


Night time is my favorite time. I have a fascination with the stars.


i want to sleep under the stars in another country


I love the earth and the stars around it. I would also like to do it without being eaten or hurt(like in my backyard)with a blanket


With that one special someone...


I love nature and the stars - would love to fall asleep looking up at the stars


Something about the fresh air.


I did it a few times...but still wanna do it again :D


I did it many times but not in the last couple of years. This summer it should be changed!


S: There is something magical about sleeping under the stars. I never had this chance. It's time to do it!


I define this as no tent or covering overhead. You just lay down under the stars and go to sleep.


I think this would be a great way to reconnect myself to Nature. To spend a day, and a night, outdoors...