Before I die I want to...
Go Skinny Dipping

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1202 buckaroos have listed 'Go Skinny Dipping' as one of their life goals:

Go skinny dipping and fuck while skinny dipping


Es algo que no sé si Mac haya hecho pero yo NUNCA lo he hecho y quiero sentir esa libertad. Quiero subir la adrenalina también.


Eh it's fun. Until you get caught so I don't plan on being caught.


I never owned a pool where I could freely skinny dip but I love the feeling of water on my body so this is something I have always wanted to do! Honestly if I had my own private yard and pool I would probably do it daily lol.


Has to be the ocean, otherwise it doesn't count ;)


Somewhere insane.. not like a backyard pool


in the moonlight in warm water!


Like to think that I like being naked, but want to test it


Let's get crazy! Get up and dance Take a swing, do your thing It's worth taking a chance Let's get crazy! Yeah, just kick up your heels On the south, time to shout Always keeping it real Let's get crazy!


Fun and risky!!! I have to do this at least once!


Might as well be able to say that you have!


Who doesn't like skinny dipping? ;)


just the words alone are all ready funny


I think it would be fun to do.


(And get "Skinny" to Dip first!


would be an intersting experiance


who knows!!!!! Just seems interesting.


I have skinny dipped several times in my life, the only time I can remember was with Julie Stein and Emily Ophiem in Osceola, WI. Some time in high school. the only thing I can say about this is "beaver, choo choo"


Be fully naked in a pool with others.


Go skinny dipping with the love of my life.


in a lake would be cool but in a pool would be ok


Saw this on here and thought it'd be a fun thing to do


I would like to go skinny dipping with my fiance


This would be scary, but fun. I've never been naked outside!


Just because it sounds like such a normal thing to do for a lot of people?


Sounds like an interesting expierience:)