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Requested by Natalie
BucketList Buckaroo: Sweetcheeks
We want to get married somewhere abroad so would like any suggestions please??? somewhere hot and possibly on a beach
sorry not offering anything but would be very grateful for any ideas

Requested by 10schniel
BucketList Buckaroo: 10Schniel
I need funds for biking across America! I will need money for the bike as well as other equipment and food during the trip!

Requested by Kyla
BucketList Buckaroo: Kylajoyoxd
I'd like to travel to Africa and help the children there.

Requested by Kristen
BucketList Buckaroo: Intheclouds
I've never been able to take my girls on a trip. I'd love to take them to Disney World, Six Flags or even Just Carowinds.

Requested by felix4835
BucketList Buckaroo: Felix4835
how do you make the little girl in pokemon emerald laugh?

Requested by Ana Catarina Brites
BucketList Buckaroo: Katarina02
The worst thing that you can do is starve your self... eat Small proportions every 2 hours. Find something you like to eat that is ...

I need funding for hiking the Appalachian Trail and to chronicle my journey through photos and then to have the book published.
I will offer anyone to have their name listed on the contributor's page and a ...

Requested by alanaeden
BucketList Buckaroo: Alanaeden
i always try to play piano, i have chords book and everything but I can never get a whole song in. HELP ME!! this is ...

Requested by alanaeden
BucketList Buckaroo: Alanaeden
i am the biggest fan of kristen wiig and every piece of her work, she has no social networking, or fan email, and it's my ...
lots of appreciation, satisfaction that you made my life complete

Requested by Joyous
BucketList Buckaroo: Joyous
I've always wanted to learn how to sign since I was younger
an open mind :p

Requested by AnironMinuial
BucketList Buckaroo: Anironminuial
You say you want to teach, well I'd like to learn... But is it a problem that I live in Belgium (Europe)?

Requested by Anuj Bhagat
BucketList Buckaroo: Anbh27
Can some one please tell me how can i learn to fly the most basic of the aircrafts in the US ? i dont want ...

Requested by Soley
BucketList Buckaroo: Soley
Teach me how to love? I want to fall in love, when I don't know what love is.
Advice in return.

Requested by Jayna Pruitt
BucketList Buckaroo: Jaynarene
I am reaching out to try to get a reading or learn how to communicate with my mother who has passed, if it is even ...
Anything Im able to

Requested by Bradlee Dean
BucketList Buckaroo: Bradleedean
I would love any help on getting my name/music out there. youtube.com/bradleedeann

maybe you could help me? &in return you will be one person closer to those ten!! ^.^

Requested by Lordsaroman
BucketList Buckaroo: Lordsaroman
I need somene in comput sciencse

Requested by Loni Sojack
BucketList Buckaroo: Sojack
I need people to pray for me. I need monetary help. I am a college student and am stretching my student loan money and am ...

A 2 to 3 week experience outside of (or within)the United States. An immersion into another culture and country; with a lovely, easy going person ...
Raw education and personal chef services. For more info on my credentials, visit www.TruCuisine.com.

Requested by donsco
BucketList Buckaroo: Donsco

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