Before I die I want to...

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3313 buckaroos have listed 'Skydive' as one of their life goals:

Do something that scares me but will be something I never forget.


Quero sair da minha zona de conforto e fazer algo verdadeiramente novo.


To do what's scares you the most :)


brave enough and save money for skydive in Dubai


Feel that adrenaline rush when sky diving


The TFIL YouTube Channel inspired my goals!


Saw in several movies and documentary, the world looks awesome from top, wanted to experience the same.


I want to skydive. I always loved super exciting activities and sky diving definitely falls under this categorie. So i want to sky dive and fall through the clouds and feel the rush all thtough my body.


To face the ultimate fear. To experience something that can’t be put into words.


Want to feel the feeling of being free.


Just always wanted to feel the free fall feeling.


the wind through my hair and falling just sounds fun


i want to skydive with my dad


i always wondered how it feelt to fly through the sky


I want to see the world from up high and do it with my dad.


Have a good thrill and to be adventurous.


Bucket List movie inspired me to sky dive


i want to know how it feels to fall thousands of feet to the ground


Reason: Overcome fear of heights


adrenaline rush loved parasailing


I want to conquer my fears and go for it!


Jump from a plane at 15,000 feet


i want to have the feeling of flying


To face, embrace and conquer my fear!


Jump out of a plane. In New Zealand.


I want to do this to help build my confidence and bravery to do certain things. Also I'm an adrenaline junky when it comes to things like this and I want really to feel the freedom of free falling hopefully I'll find some brace enough to do it with me.😌😜🀞


i want to be brave enough to skydive


the feeling of your stomach dropping is my favorite feeling.


I want to go skydiving as young as possible, to experience the thrill of the sport.


I want to go skydiving once in my life


Always wanted to skydive but don't know where I could close to me or if I could afford it


I want to skydive for the adventure, experience and adrenaline.


This goal is to just experience the thrill of possibly dying. Knowing that your life lays in the hands of who ever packed your parachute and pray that they did it correctly. Sure Bungee jumping was fun but this is a whole new level of fear and excitement.


Dive out of the sky with no regrets!


Wanted to do this to feel like flying


Enjoy something i have always wanted to do


One of the coolest things to do, gotta do this!


The felling of falling down continuously, like in a dream. Certainly gonna do this!


I think that I am adventurous person but have not gotten a chance yet to do something adventurous. So Sky diving is on my list.


Skydiving would be a challenge to myself and it would be an amazing rush.


Very scared of heights, but everyone I know that's done it has said how awesome it was


A little scared of heights and fancy the thrill of it


The feeling of the wind running through your hair as the ground comes closer to you is the feeling of freedom <3


Even though I have a tendency for height fright...for some reason I'd like to try it! I have always had dreams of flying but the falling might trip me out! Lol!


Skydiving sounds like the ultimate rush


i wanted to do sky dive in dubai


Sky dive! Because I want to feel the rush and also face my fear of heights!!


one of the most emotional adventures i want in my life


I want to look at the world and be on top of it


My Mom did it when she was young and the stories she tells about it are just so nice that I really want to experience it myself!