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3936 buckaroos have listed 'Skydive' as one of their life goals:

already did a skydive once, but I would like to do class for skydive and jump alone, because when I jumped was with a professional along with me. It was an incredible experience and jumping alone must be even better.


i want to experience skydiving


Tandem Skydive over a beautiful coastline


I'd like to take Brianna, it's on her bucket list.


A video of guys jumping of a helicopter 🚁


I'm not entirely sure why I've committed this to paper but why not! If I could jump for Will's ependymoma charity it would be an extra bonus!


I love extreme experience, and I love risk!


seeing it on tv and it looks really fun to do


Parachute jumping is something I have always wanted to do


Living on the edge, and adrenaline rush. Done it 2x already, tandem Fabulous 👌


I chose this item because ever since I was a kid I wanted to jump out of a plane and free fall for 18,000 ft which is one minute and twenty seconds. I just want to feel free and do things that you can’t do because of gravity. I just want to fly. I think it would be the best feeling of all.


I can't help imagining the air flowing through my body, pushing my face back, warping it. The free fall sensation must be wondrous, not to mention the view...


I've wanted to skydive for longer than I can remember. With my 18th birthday coming up, I'm determined to skydive soon!


Do a professional skydive from a helicopter.


When we jumped out of the plane, we will feel zero gravity if we neglect the air resistance.. That means when we are falling there isn't any force acting on us not even gravity.. This is the only short moment of our life, we will be free from everything and to feel this freedom of 80 seconds, I want to do skydiving in Dubai..


I just want to sky dive because I think it would be a fun experience.


I have a fear of heights but still want to try it at least once!


i crave the feeling of fear and adrenaline, while seeing the world from a completely different view.


Life begins at the end of your comfortzone. Skydiving equals an adrenaline rush equals moment of carefree equals life-changing


I live in the most beautiful place to skydive


নিজের আত্মরক্ষার জন্য মার্শাল আর্ট জানাটা খুব জরুরী । কোন প্রতিষ্ঠানে যুক্ত হয়ে শিখে ফেলতে হবে ।


Jumping out of a plane and relying on a bit of string and fabric to stop you from splatting like a pancake. It's trust and it's a beautiful view of the world.


My Dad has done a skydive and he said it was amazing and I'd love to be able to get the opportunity to do it.


Im terrified of heights but i never want a fear to stop me from doing something awesome, fun, life changing or brave.


Once I have a charity which is close to home and has meaning to me, I want to skydive to raise money for that charity.


I want to experience that moment of carefree , where you feel like your life is going to end in a blink of an eye and just have a nice flashback to my life , or maybe a great ending to my life journey


Do something that scares me but will be something I never forget.


Quero sair da minha zona de conforto e fazer algo verdadeiramente novo.


To do what's scares you the most :)


brave enough and save money for skydive in Dubai


Feel that adrenaline rush when sky diving


The TFIL YouTube Channel inspired my goals!


Saw in several movies and documentary, the world looks awesome from top, wanted to experience the same.


I want to skydive. I always loved super exciting activities and sky diving definitely falls under this categorie. So i want to sky dive and fall through the clouds and feel the rush all thtough my body.


To face the ultimate fear. To experience something that can’t be put into words.


Want to feel the feeling of being free.


Just always wanted to feel the free fall feeling.


the wind through my hair and falling just sounds fun


i want to skydive with my dad


i always wondered how it feelt to fly through the sky


I want to see the world from up high and do it with my dad.


Have a good thrill and to be adventurous.


Bucket List movie inspired me to sky dive


i want to know how it feels to fall thousands of feet to the ground


Reason: Overcome fear of heights


adrenaline rush loved parasailing


I want to conquer my fears and go for it!


Jump from a plane at 15,000 feet


i want to have the feeling of flying


To face, embrace and conquer my fear!