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3300 buckaroos have listed 'Skydive' as one of their life goals:

Experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane with a plastic bag attached to your back.


To get over my fear of heights.


Since my dad did it when I was 8, I've always wanted to do it


What better way to get over my fear of falling?


The closest we'll ever get to really flying


The closest we'll ever get to really flying


Like many of my dreams - I just believe some things have to be tried.


no fear - adrenaline rush and fun !


I have a fear of free falling and would love to overcome that fear.


have always wanted to do one but never got round to it


I would like to do a skydive to raise money for charity.


I've done it twice and I'd like to again..


I wanted to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush


After watching Zindagi na Milegi Dobara movie. Wanted to do really bad.


Skydiving sparked me because it's fun, adventurous, and it gives people such an adrenaline rush.


I love the rush of wind on my face.


Charity event to raise money for Cancer Research Wales


To see the earth from above and have fun.


to be able to see the world from high above, and feel free even for a minute


The amazing view you see when in an airplane. I just wish I could get pictures not moving.


I always loved to try new things! Why not skydiving??!!! That would be an awesome personal record!


My cousin, parents and friends would love to go do this together. This summer I am planning on going. No immediate deadline dates though!


Overcoming fears. Skydive at an altitude of 14000 feet.


Doing it this summer for charity and I can't wait!!


it just something i really want to do


Dai did it, my brother did it, Stephen Sutton did it. I'm going to try and will raise money for Stephen's Story while I'm doing it...


I've always wanted to do this since I was little.


I want to fly , pretty simple :p


become fearless, feel the freedom.


My dad and I love thrill rides and I would love to complete this crazy thrill with him. Maybe his 50th birthday present?


And raise money for charity by doing it


To see and feel the world from a different perspective. Something everyone should do, no matter what. "When life gets boring, scare yourself." - Amanda Tapping


One planned. For an amazing charity Scotty's Little Soldiers on 31st March 2014.


Jump out of a plane with a parachute !


Looks really fun, like the bungee jump.


It seems like something thrilling and beautiful.


I want to do this with a good friend,and vast the fear of falling :D woooo!


Well that was easy to come up with!


Ever since I saw movies like Point Break and The


The wind rushing past me as the ground comes rushing up to meat me! yeah I'm gunna do that!!


I have always wanted to do this...


I don't even know why, I'll probably go to do it and chicken out, but at least I'm thinking about doing it...


Experience the thrill of of being close to death


I have always been afraid of heights now I want to beat that fear


I have a fear of falling. This would be the ultimate way to face that fear.


Jump from an airplane and raise money for charity whilst I'm doing it.


my friends and i want to skydive together.


I want to experience weightlessness with nothing holding you back from your main goal...landing safely.


Getting over my fear for hights!


Conquering my fear of flying and heights!!