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3296 buckaroos have listed 'Skydive' as one of their life goals:

For some reason jumping out of a plane has always appealed to me. Maybe it is the sense of relief or just breaking down that fear barrier but either way it has to be done.


Feeling of being free and nothing can stop you.


I'd love to do a tandem skydive for charity!


I like the idea of flying in free fall.


It would be interesting to Skydive in Lodi, Ca because I grew up there and I would like to see what my surrounding area looks like from the sky. But I think I would rather dive over Oahu, HI.




I have been an adrenaline junkie my whole life and I would like to experience the freedom of a free fall from the heavens.


Being as clumsy as I am, it's probably not the best goal.. but that just makes it more exciting! I would love to get a group of friends together and do this!


My ultimate fear is of falling, so this would be a great way for me to face my fear, if a little extreme...


I have a fear of heights and this is one step toward conquering it!


Why not do something spontaneous?


You get to see the world as you hurl towards it. It's a time where you have complete control of your life and are able to face fears that you haven't realized you have.


I love the views from airplanes.


I want to do something extreme before I die


To me everyone has to try everything once and a skydive is a must not gonna lie scared to do it but sans overcome it n get it done


It looks awesome. Can't wait to actually feel the thrill.


One of my biggest fears but if i acomplish this then i probaly have no reason to be scared anymore


i would like to see how it feel to jump off a plain


A friend's friend went skydiving and described the experience to me. I've always wanted to try something daring and exciting


What do you do with a fear? You face it!


I never thought it was that important until I saw my sister's excitement after she did it. Now it's on the list.


Its the classic bucket list thing so I had to start my bucket list with sky diving, the ability to not have any part of your body touch the ground is awesome to me.


I have always wanted to try to learn to skydive. It is an extreme sport that has always been on my list since I was 18.


I am afraid of heights, but experiencing fear itself provides this amazing high and an extraordinary feeling afterwards.


It was awesome and i want to do it again


Just saw this sky diving thing in certain movies...:) lastly in "Zindagi na milegi dobara " felt like...this is one thing i surely wanna do..


Everyone else in my family has done it!


Of course. I've wanted to do this since like 4th grade. And if i do it I'm taking Peter down with me (literally :P )


Seeing Jeb Corlis perform a wingsuit dive.


It's one of those things that scare and excite you at the same time. I've had friends who have done it and would love to be able to experience it for myself.


I want to be able to say I did it and that I was brave enough to.


I want to free fall back to earth.


I have a fear of heights that I want to beat. Jumping out of a plane seems like the best way to face it!


My hubby has done this many times & I want to. His friends have designed a way for me to do it in water & I look forward to doing it.


Looks incredible. I hate heights but I love doing stupid things that gets your adrenaline going, and this definitely would.


Something I've always wanted to do. Which is crazy because i'm afraid of


It's just something that I've wanted to do for a while now. Which is crazy because i'm afraid of


Who can say they never wanted to fly? This is definitely a near future goal..


Well I've been paragliding, this seems the next step


I have wanted to skydive all of my life, however I have an extreme fear of "free fall" from Roller coasters to the airplane "decline". I hope to be able to overcome my fear and complete this, THIS year...


The adrenaline rush would be absolutely incredible, not to mention conquering such heights.


I want to be a person that does not let fear be an obstacle.


I will do this soon but I need to actually get myself to do it!


My brother has parachuted many times and his stories are so great I want to try it for myself


Probably the best feeling ever


I would to be part of the thrill of jumping out of an Airplane


I will skydive on my 18th Birthday!


Done this already with a professional but i want to do this again by myself.


It would be fun and an experience of a lifetime.


Skydiving would be an amazing experience. I have wanted to skydive since I was a little kid.