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When I am afraid of something, it makes me want to overcome it even more. Skydiving has always appealed to the thrill-seeker in me, but like most people, I was always afraid to do it. Therefore, it had to be done.


I have always had a fear of heights! So I think to say that you have done this and conquered my fears would be fantastic :)


something we both desperately want to do--


I want to go sky diving at least once in my life.


I have ALWAYS wanted to skydive -- just for the THRILL!


jump out and fly with the clouds you always seen from the earth :)




Call me crazy but I've always wanted to fly, this is the closest I can get.


Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to fly and this is the closest I can get.


What's life without thrills? And jumping out of a plane is DEFINATELY a thrill!


That feeling of falling, but in a good way... on top of the world.


Skydiving is something my husband really wants to do. I want to do it with him while facing my fear of heights.


Who doesn't want to?! I have a heights problem, yet I always break through that fear.


The feeling of falling is like no other. This addiction started when I was 12, and I stepped foot on the "Cliffhanger", a marvelous Six Flags ride that allowed one to free fall for a few seconds. That was glorious. I might be an adrenaline junkie.


Fly over, under, through..the clouds...Like a FREE BIRD.....


some thing scarey and out ragous and im scared of heights so its an acomplishment :)


I think my appreciation for the land we live on will be much higher when this has been accomplished!


Skydive solo or with a crazy friend while trying to drink or lay on a falling bed. Video & Pictures required.


I love heights and I love overcoming fear. I can imagine the anxiety I will feel and can't wait to overcome it and take the ultimate leap of faith.


Go skydiving with my friends, 13,000 ft up!