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Posted by U411483U411483

My first granddaughter Ava has been born❤️


Posted by JeffHouseknechtJrJeffHouseknechtJr

My husband Jeff is an amazing husband and father.  He has struggled with medical issues his whole life, but they really started in earnest about 6 years ago.  He developed severe MRSA infections as a result of the medicines he was taking to treat his crohn's disease.  Since 2018, he was gradually improving to the point where he often hospitalized for the infections and could start to help me ...

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Posted by tobi7051tobi7051

I joined the community on this website a couple af years ago, thinking that it would be fun to put my dreams on paper. However, it stopped at that. After a writing down a few ideas, I just stopped and haven't really thought about it since then. But now here I am, a few years older and ready to realize my dreams. How did this happen? What sparked the ...


Posted by meerimmeerim

The phonecall came on a Thursday around 10 AM. It was August 28th 2014. We were both at work, I was in court and did not answer my phone. My husband got the wonderful news about the assignment of a healthy and cute little boy. I left court immidiately, we went to look at the pictures from Holt together.

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