Getting started

I joined the community on this website a couple af years ago, thinking that it would be fun to put my dreams on paper. However, it stopped at that. After a writing down a few ideas, I just stopped and haven't really thought about it since then. But now here I am, a few years older and ready to realize my dreams. How did this happen? What sparked the change in me? Well this is the story of that.

About a year ago I had just finished writing a big paper for school. It was a huge deal as it had a great impact on my final grades, so naturally, I was pretty stressed. When I received the graded paper a month or so later I felt almost ill. I did not get the grade I wanted. Don't get me wrong - it was a perfectly acceptable grade, but it just wasn't perfect. This sparked a chainreaction in me which ultimately resulted in a complete meltdown (luckily) in front of my parents who took ammediate action. As it turns out, trying to finish college with the best grades possible mixed with not knowing what I was going to do the following year, had left me a bit too stressed out. I just hadn't been able to see it.

So in the spring of 2018 I battled the stress and anxiety for going to school. In the end I was able to finish which is pobably my proudest accomplishment to date, but it got me thinking. I have always been the kind of guy who needs to do his work to perfection. Thus my grades have always been in the high end, and I always thought that it meant I was supposed to go the academical way. But now I was unsure. The most basic values I had lived for my entire life (hard work pays of, good grades equals a good life etc.) had ensured that I burned out. Perhaps it wasn't something for me after all?

Skip ahead six months to the first weekend of march 2019. I was visiting two of my best friends who are getting married this summer. They are beginning university educations as well, have bought an appartment and do, in general, have life figured out. She even has an audio book deal with a publisher set to be published both in Danish and English! I'm not saying I want all of that right now, but I have been goofing around for about a half year without really doing anything, which is okay. It is okay to not always have a plan for your life! But this visit was my wake up call. I was ready to rediscover what I wanted out of life and, naturally, the first place to come look was here. I'm ready to start realizing my dreams - it took me a while and a lot of detours, but it all led me here, so this is where I will begin - today.