My husband Jeff is an amazing husband and father.  He has struggled with medical issues his whole life, but they really started in earnest about 6 years ago.  He developed severe MRSA infections as a result of the medicines he was taking to treat his crohn's disease.  Since 2018, he was gradually improving to the point where he often hospitalized for the infections and could start to help me plan for the opening of our own business.

All of that came crashing down when he was diagnosed in January 2021 with Stage IV neuroendocrine carcinoma that spread from his lower esophagus to his liver, lungs, and spine.

Jeff's biggest sadness about the situation is the shortened timeline with his children--Zach (12) and Lily (10).

To help us figure out what is truly important to do as we don't know how much time we will have, we made a Family Adventure list in March and updated it with things the four of us wanted to do--some are easy goals and others are "stretch goals" as we called them.

Thank you for reading and following along with us