1. I think we covered this, but just like a snowflake each light show is unique and you never know what will happen next. It may fade away or you may experience the most intense portal effect ever!

  2. ...or what ever. Let your imagination go wild and let loose your inner child. Under the right circumstances the sky is the limit! Snow can be one of the easiest building materials you’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  3. … in the arms of someone you love. As stars are only visible during Winter and it can be freaking cold outside you may want to be zipped tight in a warm sleeping bag.

  4. ...and set, all within an half an hour. Far up north the sun hasn’t risen for weeks so if you time your stay right you can see the first sunrise and sunset of the year.

  5. A Smoke Sauna is one thing you can’t miss while visiting Finland. I know, I know there may be a regular Sauna somewhere in your hometown, but believe me it’s got nothing on the one and original experience. Try it!

  6. You’ve got to stay somewhere so it may as well be a experience. Cozy up in a warm fell in a castle made of snow and ice.

    • the #IceAgeSelfie, the one and original selfie that has stayed with us through the ages. Make your mark and share it other Buckaroos! Add the tag when you post on Insta or Twitter.

  7. Finland hasn’t got the highest peaks or the steepest inclines, but some of the best snowboarders come from here, so you may want to get som 1-on-1 coaching while you have the chance.

  8. The Finns are quite adamant that Santa Claus is Finnish and that he lives in the Finnish Lapland. I guess it’s possible as the polar ice is melting even he has to relocate. Check out his workshop in Sodankylä if you have the chance. It’s situated right at the Arctic Circle.

  9. Take a cold dip straight out of a steaming hot Sauna. Don’t dunk your head mind you, you can get a splitting headache. Other than that once you’re out of the water you’ll never feel more refreshed :)