Before I die I want to...
See The Northern Lights

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See the Northern lights in all their glory


You're not able to understand this magic, unless you experience it


মেরু অঞ্চলের আকাশে এই রূপকথার গল্পের মত আলোকচ্ছটা দেখা যায়। ইংরেজিতে এটাকে বলা হয় ‘অরোরা’ বা ‘নর্দান লাইট’ আর বাংলায় ‘মেরুপ্রভা’। আলাস্কা, কানাডা, এবং স্ক্যান্ডিনেভিয়ার কিছু অঞ্চলে। কারণ, অরোরা দেখার জন্য এগুলোই হল সবচেয়ে ভালো জায়গা। এসব স্থানে প্রায় নিয়মিতই অরোরা চোখে পড়ে।


My mother grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta seeing the Northern Lights every winter. I want to experience that magic even though I can't do it with her.


This would be a lifelong dream as I have seen pics and they look amazing


I have seen it on movies and think it would be beautiful. This is what i believe seeing the world be created would be.


I saw them faintly from a plane while flying over Russia in 2013 but that doesn't count :') Probably combine with a trip to Iceland?


I want to see the Northen Lights in person 'cause its a phenomenos that, to me, feels like magic. Like it's something taken out of books...


See the Northern Lights with my wife.


I only saw it in the Net and I want to enjoy it in real life


The majestic light show at the brim of the world is a once in a lifetime adventure for me. spine-chilling wind and the colours in the sky would be a mesmerising experience.


Seeing the Northern Lights has always been one of my dreams.


My lovely friend Ruth took me and sat with me through numerous hospital appointments and chemo sessions. This is a joint goal so this ones for you Ruth.


I want to travel somewhere I can see the northern lights, like Iceland.


I would love to see the Northern lights. The most amazing thing you can see I think.


To see the shimmery lights burning in the sky like seeing them in a romcom. This would be a perfect getaway goal with my loved one.


This is a beautiful natural phenomenon that’s on the top of every traveler’s to-do list


I didn't stumble upon it until a significant friend of mine shared his dream of visiting Kakslauttenan. Intrigued, when I ravaged the internet, I realized it had to be in my bucket list too.


The endless beauty that planet earth holds is breathtaking and mesmerising at the same time. I don't know if I would be able to do this, but I surely wish strongly to complete this goal before I die!


Mystery is better than knowlege


I met one of my longtime friends at high school, and our ideal holiday was travelling to see the Northern Lights. I don't know about him, but I still want to take the vacation.


Want to go and see the Northen lights one time at least in my life. Northen lights are one of the amazing place in the world for me.


Something that I have wanted to do since I was a kid


I saw the movie "Polar Express" as a kid and loved it. They featured the Northern Lights at some point in the movie and sparked something in me that I too wanted to see it for myself.


A Bill Bryson book describing them.


From the childhood, always dream about this one.


I've always thought they were beautiful. I have a natural love for the sky and stars and anything like them. I love seeing the natural beauty and wonder of this world.


Bob Ross' Northern Lights painting inspired me to want to see them in person and experience what it's like to be there


My favorite book as a child had a baby polar bear gets lost trying to chase the northern lights. Then his mum finds him and they watch the lights all night. Ever since then, i wanted to see the lights for myself.


I want to lay down and watch the night sky dance before my eyes.


See pictures as a child further convinced me of the power of God. Like the rainbow, it happens for a reason, and not the scientific one.


See the Northern Light is the most beautiful thing that you can see, big thing on the bucket list!


I have wanted to see the northern lights ever since I saw them in the movie Balto. I hope to visit Europe in the future to see the lights with my partner and hopefully during a camping trip sleeping under the stars.


I've seen the faint version of the Aurora but I really want to see it in all it's majesty. someday I want to see it from Norway or Greenland or Northern Territories....


Spend an entire summer in Ireland with my family


To see the beauty of this world before I die.


Love to travel, and love to see different views


it's one of the wonders of the world, so it's a must to experience first hand


It might beautiful. Ce doit être magnifique 🖤


Experience the Northern Lights with friends.


Ideally visiting santa in lapland.


I would love to the Northern Lights! It would be so beautiful!


I have always wanted too see it


I want to see the northern lights with my Mom and Dad!


I almost took trip to Alaska with my significant other but couldn't get the time off.


Observe something extraordinary


they are beautiful and would love to see them.


Travel north to see the Northern Lights. My grandparents saw them and said they were beautiful.


i want to see them because the lights are cool and have never seen the northern light.


It would be something very cool to see and I only have one chance to see