Before I die I want to...
See The Northern Lights

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4515 buckaroos have listed 'See The Northern Lights' as one of their life goals:

I would love to the Northern Lights! It would be so beautiful!


I have always wanted too see it


I want to see the northern lights with my Mom and Dad!


I almost took trip to Alaska with my significant other but couldn't get the time off.


Observe something extraordinary


they are beautiful and would love to see them.


Travel north to see the Northern Lights. My grandparents saw them and said they were beautiful.


i want to see them because the lights are cool and have never seen the northern light.


It would be something very cool to see and I only have one chance to see


The colors are so beautiful and it's been my dream since I was little.


see pretty pretty caal norten nights


I want to see the Northern Lights in the glass hotels of Norway


see the beautiful lights and stay in the cool hotels


they look beautiful on pitchers.


I want to see the Northern Lights at night.


Camp out at night and see them.I want too see something nice


I want to see the beautiful sight and enjoy it.


I want to see the northern lights and be with friends and family.


I want to go see the Northern lights!!!


My grandma seen them and Iove watching videos of them.


Spend a few nights seeing the Aurora Borealis has always been on our list. So many options and locations


Find a soul mate to visit this beautiful phenomena


i wanted to see color of lights


I love lights! I want to do this tour:


My lifelong dream is just to travel the world.


Spend a night with the Love of my life and drink the finest wine.


admire the northern lights because i have a deep passion for the universe


I want to experience it as part of the amazing nature and universe surrounding us.


I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory


I've always had a desire to see the Northern Lights


To see the northern lights is like becoming one with the world around you. The whole sky is lit up and it feels you with hope and some kind of completion


The film "Local Hero" and friends that think Iceland is worth a visit


I want to go to alaska to go fishing out in the middle of nowhere and see the northern lights


See the Northern Lights because I read about how cool it is and it's just something different to do.


Seems like a sight you'd have to see yourself to truly respect the natural beauty.


Addicted to green and night Sky defaultly


I've always wanted to see them. I just wish it wasn't quite so cold up there!


I think it would be awe inspiring


See the Northern Lights! what more needs to be said!


Every single Christmas movie I saw when I was a kid had the Northern Lights & I have been hooked ever since!


I want to see the northern lights in Lapponia


we have both talked about this one


I hear the Northern lights is an amazing experience to see, I would like to see it with my own eyes.


I would like to see the northern lights because they look amazing on the internet and I've always wanted to see them in person.


I want to do something exciting before I die I want to leave a legacy or my mark on the world because I am a former cancer patient and almost died without having to do anything exciting in my life I want to give hope to other cancer patients that there is always hope and it may not seem that way at the time but there is always hope


The northern lights remind us of magic. They ignite awe in us. I think it's the perfect excuse to feel those things and watch something incredibly beautiful at the same time.


As a photographer, seeing the amazing photos and also seeing documentaries on TV about them. I want to be able to not only attempt to capture the sheer majestic beauty of this with my camera but also just witness and enjoy it with my own two eyes.


I've been to Iceland and the 2 times I went out on the sightseeing trip, the clouds covered our view of the lights.


It's my Mum's 50th so I'm taking her to see the Northern Lights which is also something she would love to see. We will spend 7 days in Iceland and I'm hoping that's enough time!


Hypnotizing, magical - night dreaming; Dancing lighted bulbs and reflections of their colors blending into another. Once on the San Francisco side of the Bay Bridge, the lights of the Coca Cola sign, Broadway Avenue, Embarcadero, or if dad chose the route down Van Ness many more lights all en route to visit family and friends who lived in San Francisco and Sausalito, circa 1960s - 1970s. San Francisco, my birthplace. I've driven at night the same roads through San Francisco to Sausalito, only to find the wonderment, the excitement gone. The lights gone. Removed by new business or city regulations. The band "Journey" captured my sentiment. Then one day my mom gave me a vintage necklace and earrings that were her mother's, the faux stones called aurora-borealis. Never heard of this. I went to the dictionary, yes, dictionary. Ah-ha! This is it!. The San Francisco night time images from my youth descending from the heavens.