Before I die I want to...
See The Northern Lights

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  • Alaskian1Cruz I lived in Alaska, they are so gorgeous, and such a breathtaking site, I would visit any time.

    Dec. 9, 2013 |

I have such a desire to travel and to learn about this beautiful world by first hand experience as much as I can.


Just to be able to see this phenomenon with my own eyes would be a miracle.


seeing pictures of them through my life makes me want to see them with my own eyes :)


I love to find absolute Aw in nature. It's like seeing God.


I've always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis. It's just so mesmerizing.


It would just be amazing to see the northern lights, cuddled up to the one I love on valentines day one year. 😊


Experience this rare and mystical even of lights


Just see it and look at the horizon


The bright iluminous sky glowing while getting pulled along by huskies.


it is so amazing nature artwork


The mere beauty and elegance of this wonderful phenomenon


The mere beauty and elegance of this wonderful phenomenon


One of the most beautiful sites in the world <3 and so romantic! It would be the perfect place to be proposed too... if i ever find a man


I imagine that as a beautiful visual experience


Its a beautiful sight that I have wanted to see ever since I saw The Polar Express.


Seeing the beautiful aura of nature would be very amazing indeed.


Wanted to ever since I was little and watched Balto. Preferably in Reykjavik iceland


I would love to meet and star in a movie or play with Tyler Perry. I write plays and have appeared in several plays.


Photos I've seen look incredible, it would be amazing to see in person


Pinterest. Maybe stay in igloo hotel or camping


Norwegian decent and love of astronomy & science.


One of the most fascinating visual experiences, if looks great on photographs how would it be in reality.


Beautiful photography & colors of nature


Its something that I`ve heard about since I was young. The pictures look beautiful but I doubt that they can catch the true beauty of it. So I want to see that beauty in person


and go to the natural volcano spa


Having seen so many photos of the Northern Lights I'd love to see them at least once. I missed them when I went to Finland with a friend and have always wanted to go back and stay until I see them


I have seen many photos and videos of the Northern Lights and they look amazing. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Experiencing something from nature.


where is the best location for seeing the lights?


This has been my dream since I was a little girl <3


Would love this more than anything!


I would like to see the Northern Lights in all of their glory.


Marvel at the beauty of the cosmos through the roof of your own private bungalow.


Tattoo: Silhouette in front of the lights?


I have only seen them on TV but a Mother Nature color show.


It doesn't matter where, I just want to see them!


i want to travel to see all the beautiful places of the world


this is one of the thing want to do


I live in Sweden but in the south of Sweden. I would love to see the northern lights someday!


Is there anyone who wouldn't want to see the magic of this natural phenomenon?


It would be a beautiful sight to see.


My dad told me about it when I was younger and while I still don't understand it, it looks awesome!


i was inspired when i saw some beautiful images of the northern lights / aurora borealis on flikr/deviantart.Thats when i thought i should definitely have the experience of seeing the lights and capturing them in images


It is fascinating .. The kind of experiences that would not only inspire you and heal your soul.. But change your life too.. At least that is what I think will happen once I achieve this goal..


I will one day! You can count on it!


I have seen them in pictures but I want to see them in person because I feel like they are god's art


would love to see them in person


I love the night sky and alaska would be sick to visit.


I've seen pictures and want to experience the beauty in person.


Heard that it is a magnificent visuals,now want to see it.