Before I die I want to...
See The Northern Lights

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Someday, I want to sit on a mountain with my loved ones, and watch these lights dance across the sky. In old Lapp legend, the northern lights are said to be the souls of those who have departed the earth. What better way to celebrate that than to take your family to see other loved ones dancing in the night sky?


Probably Iceland would be the easiest place to see them. Hope the whether will be clear.


I'd love to see the northern lights as they look amazing from the photos I've seen.


I'v always wanted to go see the Northern lights because its an amazing site to witness


I've always wanted to see the northern lights. People comment on their beauty all the time and I would like to experience them myself :-)


No reason but they are beautiful


I was born in Alaska and have always loved Astronomy. I think seeing something as stunning as the Northern lights would be extremely beautiful and something to really remember.


I've always wanted to watch the colours dance and to take photos of it


I remember seeing the Northern lights in the Disney movie Balto. Ever since then I've wanted to see them in real life. :)


I can't think of anything more beautiful to see than God's personal light show.


I want to go see the northern lights very close.


I saw a small one when I was younger. I feel I didn't get the entire experience.


...Properly. Proper northern lights, not just a hint of green :D


I want to fall sleep under the pretty lights


I seen a solar eclipse however I have yet to see Northern Lights


I just want to see them. no special reason. I heard they look pretty. I think my dad or mum saw them.


pure beauty, nothing more spectacular to see


Maybe when I visit Iceland I can see the Northern Lights as well..


Specifically, on a photographic 'holiday' to Svalbard.


Experienced this breathtaking show


See something so natural and beautiful


I've always wanted to see the northern lights and it always makes me happy to see something so beautiful, all because of nature.


Just something that has amazed me and would really like to experience this once in my lifetime. the fact that it is an extreme trip and accomplishment to achieve. would love to do it with my beautiful wife.


I went to Yukon and got the chance to see those beautiful miracles of nature. Undescribable!!


Looks amazing on TV hate to think I would miss that in my life!


To experience how amazing they are


I lived in Alaska... I Loved them. <3


I always loved the night sky. The stars and constellations are beautiful. The northern lights are natures way of lighting up the night sky with beautiful colors. Almost like nature's fireworks.


they look so pretty in pictures


I saw a movie, and realized how beautiful they were, and have since seen many documentaries on the Northern Lights.


One of the most beautiful things to see in world. I have to see this.


Want share the spectacular sight with my wife


They look so beautiful, since I was little, I've always wanted to see them!


I'd be the first in my family to see travel and see the Northern Lights, and I'm all about breaking away from my family, as bad as that sounds


Seeing those in a friend's pictures made me realize that one day, I'll see by myself.


I would love to travel the world and I couldn't think of a better reason to visit Alaska than to see the northern lights!


How could I not want to see this?


This is something I have always wanted to see since I was a young child.


They are beautiful and I want a chance to see all of the wonderful things the world has to offer!


Always hear about them and want to see them.wonders of the world


It's one of the most beautiful, spectacular shows ever and proves how amazing nature is.


Heard they are very beautiful. Plan on taking a lot of photos.


The northern lights can of course be explained by science, but I would love to see them and imagine what the ancients must have thought and enjoy them for the magic they once were thought to possess.


Saw a program on the northern lights and thought they were beautiful and that I wanted to see them in real life, not just on TV or computer


i want to see one of the coolest phenomena ever


I want to go to both Canada and Finland so it will be a great chance to see this amazing phenomenon. I have wanted to see then since I saw them on the Tv.


I have to find out just how vibrant and colorful it really is.


I have seen them as a child, but don't remember seeing them. I've seen pictures of their beauty, but would love to see them with my own eyes.


They are a beauty of nature that I would love to see.


I love to learn and see anything to do with the sky.