Before I die I want to...
See The Northern Lights

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5324 buckaroos have listed 'See The Northern Lights' as one of their life goals:

I want to see the skies change colors and realize how delicate life really is.


When I first heard that I was moving to Alaska I started dreaming of all the activites I wanted to do. Seeing the Northern Lights was on top of that list.


A chance to see nature in all her glory.


They look so surreal, I would love to actually be able to see them.


My cousin, who's always wanted to go


Who wouldn't want to see such a beautiful natural phenomenon?


I was born in Anchorage, AK. However we moved when I was about 4yrs old. I do not remember them and would love to go back and see them now.


When i was casually creeping around on the internet, i saw a video from people who filmed the northern lights for 3 hours long. It was such an amazing view and i think its 1000000 times more amazing when you see it in real life. So that is what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna see the Northern lights.


My desire to visit Alaska. But in visiting Alaska this is definitely the 2nd highlight :)


I want to see the Northern Lights. It is an anomaly that probably guided many of the travels of civilizations long before this time. I don't have to go on a cruise or some spectacularly lavish vacation, I just would like the opportunity to see them.


I love the pureness and natural beauty this holds.


It is the stuff of fantasy and I want my life to be a fantasy.


one of the worlds wonders that i have to see


Missed out on it by a few days when I holidayed in alaska


I have been captivated with them ever since reading "Northern Lights" when I was younger. I want to know what Lyra felt like looking up at them. I just know they will be one of the most beautiful things I'll ever see.


I want to experience the colors. As an artist I would enjoy it.


I did get a chance to stay in Alaska but it wasn't cold enough to see Aurora Borealis. It is my hope to go back and enjoy this phenomenon.


I saw the Northern Lights with my dad and sister once when I was a kid and it was magical to me


From the ground. I've only seen them from a plane.


I have always wanted to see the magic of the northern lights.


Astrology and space intrigue me. I love the idea, and yet it maddens me, that space an the universe never ends. From what I've seen in pictures, the Northern Lights are beautiful!


I have always wanted to see the magic of the northern lights.


I want to go to Alaska and see the northern lights.


I want to see beautiful sights...


Aurora borealis The icy sky at night Paddles cut the water In a long and hurried flight From the white man to the fields of green And the homeland we've never seen


Ever since I was a child I've been intrigued by the Northern Lights, what's stopping me from seeing them?


A rainbow fascinates me with its colours, so hearing about these Northern Lights, I feel I HAVE to go see them one day.




Visit Aurora Borealis in Iceland and take 1000 photos.


One of the natural world's wonders, plus I like pretty lights.


Gosh, I live so close yet I've never seen them!


I have!! It is truly something everyone should do. It's out of this world!!


Went to Norway in the Winter of 2010, but wasn't far enough North...


Always thought they were beautiful and I'm sure the pictures do not do it justice.


Seen some amazing pics - would love to see it irl!


Nature never fails to amaze me.


I live in the North of Scotland and there's a song called 'The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen'. I live in Aberdeen and I've never actually seen them.


It seems like an awesome "out of this world" phenomenon that one cannot miss out on!


So beautiful... and unimaginable


Make good use of my sight. I'm lucky to have it.


My brother in law said when he went to alaska that they were really cool. You need to see them.


saw a picture of the aurora borealis once then i fell in love with the beauty of it :)


I am very much into photography and nature and I love the cold. This place is magical in that it meets all my goals and is stunning.


I would love to be camping when I see these!


A wonderful, natural, phenomena.


The northern lights are magical. I really really want to see this. Its like God is opening His windows, and heaven is just on the other side of this curtain. :)