Before I die I want to...
Learn To Snowboard

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I have never been to a ski resort or atop a snowy mountain but I have dreamed of snowboarding ever since I was little. I grew up watching tv shows and cartoons of people going to resorts either skiing or snow boarding and begged my mom to take me almost every winter to no success. I love board sports so this is a must for my bucket list!


Get snowboard lessons at Mountain Creek or some other resort


Heard it's like skateboarding. I love stakeboarding.


watching the Olympics as a kid and seeing guys soar in the air doing crazy tricks made me instantly want to snowboard. while I'll never be anything close to what they are I still want to learn.


I can skii but not snowboard so I'd like to lern


I went to Mount Hotham - it was the first time i ever saw snow. I tried Skiing but i didn't like it. The next time i went to the snow at Mount Buller i tried to snowboard and failed epically so i want to learn.


i want to look awesome on the slopes