Before I die I want to...
Write A Book

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1564 buckaroos have listed 'Write A Book' as one of their life goals:

It's on the list, just need that million dollar idea


So many ideas, so little time :P


The need to share my ideas with the world.


I have so many stories told to me on a daily basis, I just want to write them all down so they can live on forever and be just as important as the classics.


I've always wanted to, even when I was a kid. Somehow, I've still not accomplished this.


I have always been creative and thought about writing a book. I have started a couple of times so I would like to finish one and put it on amazon.


I've always been interested in writing books and I've already started my own, I just want it published.


I want to make a book seeing how a life is when being abused or bullied.


About anything. Possibly phylosophical.


Marko Kaarron Naisen iskuopas kirjan luettuani sain sellaisen inspiraation, että minäkin haluan joskus kirjoittaa kirjan.


Write a book and have it published, whether paid for or self-funded.


I've always wanted to write an informative/self help book.


It's called the Rusty Gates and the Black Book


I have always loved to read and I have alot to say so it just makes sense :)


I've always loved writing short stories and getting a book published is my ultimate dream!


I've always liked free writing, why not write a whole book.


I have started several, but never completed one. I need to.


I've been encouraged by several people to write a book about my life,due to all the things i've experienced in life. I just don't know where to start.


I want to write a book & possibly my own life story


Travelling around the world sparked this idea to share my crazy experiences.


I have background to write, my life has too many stories not to be told!


They say you need to write a book in your life and it's one of my dreams. Tell a story I want to read, I also want to make a dream diary so that I can write a book with my dreams and nightmares.


I've always wanted to combine the concept of a journal and a book into sort of an autobiography. I'm unremarkable, but at least I can leave some written legacy about who I was that maybe my kids can experience.


I love reading Nicholas Sparks, and he's so good at what he does, he has truly inspired me.


Write a Fantasy/Science-Fiction novel or novella, and have it published before I die.


I am a voracious reader and I think its time to write my own book! I can do this!


J.K. Rowling is my hero and inspiration


I want to be an author. Why not!?


I always wanted to write a book a some point in my life. I still have no idea when or what the book should be about, but I am sure I will write one once :)


Some life experiences I've had inspired me to write an after a few people telling me how good my writing was and that I should write a book with it.


possible topics: childhood humor, rewards of motherhood, my special children, my BFFs and our sisterhood, a day in the life of a piatric IU nurse. i have lots to say.


My mum is an author and she writes the most amazing books. I'd love to follow in her footsteps


I love to read and write weird poems with no rhymes, so I'd like to have a collection of poems written by me.


because it would be nice to be a little famous for something


I love writing. I write and perform a lot of poetry in my spare time, I've even organised monthly events for amateur poets and musicians. I have a degree in Creative and Media writing. My best friend and I have always wanted to publish an anthology together.


To write a book which will be readen by people from around the world.


I have always loved writing stories and poetry though for a book I would be happy to publish any of the above, story poetry or photography.


i started to write one years ago but lost all the information so i want to do it again and this time complete it


I love to read, and am always writing small poems or short chapters which could maybe someday turn into a nice novel.


I have always wanted to write my own book. I am stuck on what to write about, and when to write it...


I've always loved writing and I'm constantly coming up with stories, I want to write a book to leave behind before I die.


I've been loving writing since second grade.


My life has been the one of a novel.


There is nothing in the world I want more than writing books that inspire and make people happy


I would really like to do this personally.


I have started numerous attempts but I want to actually get one published and have it be a best seller


I have always been a writer its time to step further.


I'd love to write a book, either Christian non-fiction, or fantasy fiction.


My unique approach to personal financial management is like no other and it is my duty to get the word out!!!


I've always wanted to be able to tell people the stories that entertain me.