Before I die I want to...
Write A Book

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Goal Achieved When - I have a hard copy, published version of my book


It will probably be a compilation of my poems but it would be really cool to have them published and read by a variety of people and not just people close to me.


When I was in college, my writing professor took me to lunch with an up and coming author. The author signed a book for me and told me that one day he looked forward to me signing a book for him.


I want to write a book, because it was my dream since i was 4 years old. I want to make people cry or laugh about my caracters.


A book that everyone would enjoy and relate to


I've always wanted to do this; I'm starting one now :)


I have the ability to tell stories, and make people laugh. I want to write down my giggles for everyone to read, and their children, and children 100 years from now. Maybe not children. More like adults. I'm a little raunchy. Well, whatever, I wanna write my rants down. I don't even care if it sells. Although, that would be cool too.


Have written some poetry.. but would love to write a book, not sure what genre, but with my experiences a few would be possible


It's on the list, just need that million dollar idea


So many ideas, so little time :P


The need to share my ideas with the world.


I have so many stories told to me on a daily basis, I just want to write them all down so they can live on forever and be just as important as the classics.


I've always wanted to, even when I was a kid. Somehow, I've still not accomplished this.


I have always been creative and thought about writing a book. I have started a couple of times so I would like to finish one and put it on amazon.


I've always been interested in writing books and I've already started my own, I just want it published.


I want to make a book seeing how a life is when being abused or bullied.


About anything. Possibly phylosophical.


Marko Kaarron Naisen iskuopas kirjan luettuani sain sellaisen inspiraation, että minäkin haluan joskus kirjoittaa kirjan.


Write a book and have it published, whether paid for or self-funded.


I've always wanted to write an informative/self help book.


It's called the Rusty Gates and the Black Book


I have always loved to read and I have alot to say so it just makes sense :)


I've always loved writing short stories and getting a book published is my ultimate dream!


I've always liked free writing, why not write a whole book.


I have started several, but never completed one. I need to.


I've been encouraged by several people to write a book about my life,due to all the things i've experienced in life. I just don't know where to start.


I want to write a book & possibly my own life story


Travelling around the world sparked this idea to share my crazy experiences.


I have background to write, my life has too many stories not to be told!


They say you need to write a book in your life and it's one of my dreams. Tell a story I want to read, I also want to make a dream diary so that I can write a book with my dreams and nightmares.


I've always wanted to combine the concept of a journal and a book into sort of an autobiography. I'm unremarkable, but at least I can leave some written legacy about who I was that maybe my kids can experience.


I love reading Nicholas Sparks, and he's so good at what he does, he has truly inspired me.


Write a Fantasy/Science-Fiction novel or novella, and have it published before I die.


I am a voracious reader and I think its time to write my own book! I can do this!


J.K. Rowling is my hero and inspiration


I want to be an author. Why not!?


I always wanted to write a book a some point in my life. I still have no idea when or what the book should be about, but I am sure I will write one once :)


Some life experiences I've had inspired me to write an after a few people telling me how good my writing was and that I should write a book with it.


possible topics: childhood humor, rewards of motherhood, my special children, my BFFs and our sisterhood, a day in the life of a piatric IU nurse. i have lots to say.


My mum is an author and she writes the most amazing books. I'd love to follow in her footsteps


I love to read and write weird poems with no rhymes, so I'd like to have a collection of poems written by me.


because it would be nice to be a little famous for something


I love writing. I write and perform a lot of poetry in my spare time, I've even organised monthly events for amateur poets and musicians. I have a degree in Creative and Media writing. My best friend and I have always wanted to publish an anthology together.


To write a book which will be readen by people from around the world.


I have always loved writing stories and poetry though for a book I would be happy to publish any of the above, story poetry or photography.


i started to write one years ago but lost all the information so i want to do it again and this time complete it


I love to read, and am always writing small poems or short chapters which could maybe someday turn into a nice novel.


I have always wanted to write my own book. I am stuck on what to write about, and when to write it...


I've always loved writing and I'm constantly coming up with stories, I want to write a book to leave behind before I die.


I've been loving writing since second grade.