Before I die I want to...
Write A Book

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1653 buckaroos have listed 'Write A Book' as one of their life goals:

My life has been the one of a novel.


There is nothing in the world I want more than writing books that inspire and make people happy


I would really like to do this personally.


I have started numerous attempts but I want to actually get one published and have it be a best seller


I have always been a writer its time to step further.


I'd love to write a book, either Christian non-fiction, or fantasy fiction.


My unique approach to personal financial management is like no other and it is my duty to get the word out!!!


I've always wanted to be able to tell people the stories that entertain me.


I really want to be a book author. =)


I've always wanted to make a story that is mine.


Wouldn't I have some stories to tell ;)


Don't know what about but whatever comes to mind and if it's good get it published!


I am planning to write a book about my family heritage so that this book can be added to and learned from for future generations


At school I wrote all the time, once my degree is finished I would like to go back to writing for pleasure.


Done! In 2007, I wrote a short book called "Through Trials Came Triumph" and self-published it through Of course, the only people who read it were family members...oh well...I still did it!


Have had a poem published, would love to write a novel and have it published! Maybe I'll write my memoirs when Im 80 lol.


Definitely a life long dream, whether it was a conscious dream or not, it's definitely something I've had a strong desire to do in the last 5 to 6 years of my life. I love reading books and feel like there's at least one story inside me worth sharing. :)


i just want to see if i can do it


I have so many stories going around in my head I would like to get some of them out into the world, and if I am really lucky make a few dollars doing it.


There is too much stuff in my head. I need to write some of it down so it can poison someone else's mind.


Write a book complete with revisions and polished enough to let friends and family read.


i have a lot to say, and someone someday might want to read it.


I'm an English major, I almost have to!


I feel the need to express things to others. I have several ideas, I just need to do it!


I have loved writing ever since I was a kid. Its one goal I still carry.