Before I die I want to...
Write A Book

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1924 buckaroos have listed 'Write A Book' as one of their life goals:

This is my biggest dream to write a book and have it published. I want to write about my life and my life experiences. Also my experience living with rare disease. Some days I can write. Others I can't. I hope I can achieve this goal and it will be good enough to be published. I would like to raise awareness about my condition and maybe inspire other people


I would like to be an investigator and write a book about the inequalities around the world, also I would like to write academics articles


I want to complete a book and put it on the market, even if just self published


to write a book about my life as a teen


There are many subjects one as myself could dedicate a book to. This will be the hardest part: defining, deciding and targetting.


I wanna write. This idea has gone from I wanna write fiction, to I wanna write factual atlas type books, to wanting to write for children. Either or. I want to write and produce books.


I have written three books. They are available for sale on They are Kindle books. I always wanted to be an author, more or less.


I really like reading and I would love to be able to create something like that


About one thing i'll have mastered by then


I love to write, and have written many stories in the past. Nothing published though. Still I would like to write a book that can either tell my story or the stories of fantasy adventure I attempted at over the years.


It's a unique looking beach with pink sand, my favorite color. I'd love to collect some of the sand and keep it as a little keepsake.


Write a book because I like to imagine stories


Don't know exactly what sparked me, but I know some day i want all my ideas and thoughts to be gone public


I love books. Writing a book has been something I’ve always wanted to do but I have no idea how to even begin


বই মানুষের জীবনের অমূল্য সম্পদ । পরকালিন সদকায়ে জারিয়াহ এই বই । ভালো কিছু বই লিখে মানুষকে উপকার করতে পারাতে জীবনের সার্থকতা । আগামি ৫ বছরে আমি ১০ টা বই লিখবো এই আমার অঙ্গিকার । যে রকম বই লিখবঃ ১। অনুপ্রেরনামুলক বই ২। শিক্ষামূলক বই ৩। ধর্মীয় বই ৪। অনুবাদ বই । ৫। উপন্যাস বই


I have always wanted to be a writer but still finding my courage to write.


I am an absolute bookworm, and I would love to be able to write and maybe even publish my own book.


Sometimes my life looks like a drama so if I wrote a book, it would be for teenagers with life advice


Always wanted to write a book to inspire people.


Love writing, and I would love to write a book ... maybe on motivation or "100 things I wish my mother told me"


Because of how my life came to be since I was born. Have a lot of stories to tell.


I like writing and need something other than painting to keep myself occupied


I like writing and enjoy doing it


Write any kind of book and have it published before I turn 30


Would like to write a book based off the entreprenurial business ventures that I have been part of in my life time.


I want to takk about my life, my mental health, relationships, ... What I come through.


I want to write a book about willpower and how you can actually aim for your goals and dreams and actually succeed. I want people to rethink their route in life and just invest their precious time in themselves more than their day job.


Use the proper style. There is a specific writing style that is necessary for writing a proper synopsis. ... Make sure you hit the most important points. ... Avoid wordiness. ... In my personlification it is a rewarding experience for the creative person.


I love writing but I’m always to lazy to write something for others than myself. I want to change that


I love writing, time to stop procrastinating!


I would like to write a criminology book


Write a children book for family members and friends expecting a newborn.


I want to take my readers to a whole new world and show them what i have in my mind.


I always want to create my own story.


I love writing. It's all my life.


I want to finish a piece of fiction I'm working on right now and write a popularization of something science-y.


(Apocalypse) I want to write a book!!!


My own life has been such a wonderful and traumatic ride, I want everyone to sit back and enjoy my story!


When I was young reading was my "fun", I would love to create that peace for someone else


I want to write several books. A cookbook, a book on autism, an autobiography.


Books are a way to experience things you other wise would most likely not of. I wish to inspire a group of people in some way.


I've always wanted to write a book because i feel like when i write i want to connect with people so i really want to write an amazing book that people get inspired from reading.


I want to write a book on my journey to here so far. I've always felt like I'm meant to do this for some reason. I want to be able to face myself & write out my abusive history to be able to move forward in my life & hopefully help someone else if they need identification, so it wasn't all just a waste of time. So I can make the past an asset not a burden.


I've always wrote, and I love the idea of publishing one day.


I think writing a book would be awesome. It might not be the experience I imagine, but I think it would make me feel more productive.


I'd love to live from my passion!


I want to write a book, preferably a great children's book


I'm a really good writer, and I know I have in me the ability to write an amazing book.. or 2... or 3 ... or 4.. i want to be in a place where I can tell my story and be proud of it. Inspire others, make a difference in another's life.


I want to write an autobiography...fiction would be my second choice


Write my second book and work hard to publish it.