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Creative Campers (cc-aa)
Looking for Creative Campers - Artists All. Now that I am retired, I want to be more creative and have taken many classes and went across country to a fabulous Journal Conference in Seattle, WA in 2011. We are searching for new ideas for my Tuesday Play Date (all artists of different kids) to have some fun. Please jump in with some new and creative ideas. We'll be looking for you!
Members: 5
Topics: 1
first goal (1stgoal)
those you have finished 1 goal!:) THANK YOU.
Members: 9
Topics: 3
Oak Hill (oak_hill)
Oak Hill High School
Members: 1
Topics: 0
Photographer (photography)
A Tribe For All People Who Love Photography or Want To Be A Photographer.
Members: 48
Topics: 1
Come to India (come2india)
For all those who have only heard about the mesmerizing land called India, I take pride in welcoming you. Filled with a magical feel, diverse culture and rich heritage that you can hardly find in a single country. From the Himalayas to the sun-burnt beaches, From the curious rituals of ancient temples to the glorious forts, India beckons!! and if you are a true vagabond and need a couch-surfing partner! Contact me, TheBurntMap! or just find me at
Members: 15
Topics: 0
Country Boyz (cb)
Dirty hands, Old trucks, Country roads, Country music, Life at its best
Members: 4
Topics: 1
Saint Joseph High School (sjhs)
Bucket List for SJHS Jesters in Lakewood, California.
Members: 1
Topics: 0
Last summer before highschool (last_chance_til_high)
Why not spend the summer doing epic junk before we go off to high school?
Members: 5
Topics: 0
The Troubled Ones (troubled_ones)
for those who dont know where theyre headed, or how theyre getting there.
Members: 21
Topics: 2
Kelly and Bethany (keybey)
The Adventures of Kelly and Bethany. Our combined bucket list of things we want to experience together.
Members: 3
Topics: 0