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New Years Eve Bucket List

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3.. 2.. 1.. It’s December and the countdown to the New Year has begun. What’s waiting on the other side? Confetti showers and after parties deep into the night. Hopeful glances to 2019 and bittersweet goodbyes to 2018.

Plus, a whole lot of fun in every corner of the world.

The worn out adage of a “new you” for the “new year” refuses to die and here’s ...

Some advice for the New Year, maybe even the New You :)

Posted by MrHakalaMrHakala

I came across this image a few days ago and I thought it was inspiring words to live by (... or at least to start the New Year :)

Only, I wanted to tweek it somewhat so here’s my list:

Why COMPLICATE Life? ...ain’t that the truth!

  • Missing somebody? ... well you could call, text, email or even write an honest-to-god letter. But personally all of the above doesn’t really ...

New Year Bucket List

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