Some advice for the New Year, maybe even the New You :)

I came across this image a few days ago and I thought it was inspiring words to live by (... or at least to start the New Year :)

Only, I wanted to tweek it somewhat so here’s my list:

Why COMPLICATE Life? ...ain’t that the truth!

  • Missing somebody? ... well you could call, text, email or even write an honest-to-god letter. But personally all of the above doesn’t really do it for me I really need to meet the person face-to-face. So…
  • Wanna meet up? … most of the times a simple invitation will suffice. Only these days people seem to have a million and one things to do so you really need to set a date (far enough in the future anyone should have time to meet up). And not to forget my favorite: “The Surprise Visit”. Just jump in the car and drive over. If it’s a bad time, maybe the 15 minutes in the hallway will be enough to set a date for a “real” get together.
  • Wanna be understood? … explain? If it only was that simple! I think this only works when you really know each other and you know where someone is coming from, both physically and emotionally. Best chance of succeeding with your explanation would be to write it down, then handing then it over to the recipient.
  • Have questions? … sometimes it’s as simple as asking the correct question. Also most of the times you can even ask follow-up questions :)
  • Don’t like something? … depending on the situation tell a white lie, give some constructive criticism or when necessary be direct, maybe even blunt. You don’t need to ruin someone’s day, be nice, tell a white lie to save someone some grief. Then again if some constructive criticism would help them in the long haul the best thing would be to share it even if it would be easier to lie.
  • Like something? ...state it, share it, love it :) Everyone likes a compliment, don’t be a Grinch. You’re not assigned a finite number of compliments at birth, don’t be stingy :)
  • Want something? … you could ask for it, but if you’re asking for permission and the answer might be “No!”, I would suggest you just do it and apologize later (as long as no one gets hurt in the process).
  • Love someone? … in this day and age you should be able to love and express your affection any person (of age). So say it loud and say it proud :)

In case we just have one life, keep it simple Buckaroos :D