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Go On A Cruise - Done!

Posted by ChristaBergmanBrownChristaBergmanBrown

How did it go down?

I went on a cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico and back with my mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt, uncle, and friends of my aunt and uncle and cousins.

The BFF Bucket List

Posted by bucketlistbucketlist

Who’s always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, a drinking buddy or someone to laugh until you cry with? Your BFF. This special person is one you’ll grow old with, after years of adventures, Netflix and wine nights and picking each other up when times are rough.

When life gets busy, boyfriends rock up on the scene or careers take first place, it’s easy ...

October 15 2011

Posted by klarko37klarko37

Today I made my Bucket List. It is not complete, though who's is? I'm in the midst of it, so I don't count this as complete.

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