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Summer Bucket List

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Summer is the time to trailblaze, to try new things and go to new places. We’re talking about throwing friends in the pool and getting that tattoo you’ve always said you wanted, day trips to the beach and singing karaoke at night. To do it right, you’ll need two things: the right kind of summer bucket list, and a few, good friends to bring along.

If you ...

Crazy Bucket List Ideas You Need to Try at Least Once

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So, what’s the definition of crazy? For the purpose of your bucket list, here it means really enthusiastic, rather than stark raving mad. What type of activities get your blood pumping? Or, who do you admire for performing courageous stunts? Where in the world seems adventurous to you? Think about these questions and you’ll be close to knowing what to include.

Just remember, there’s no reason crazy ...

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