1. Sometimes, it’s inevitable to have to take jobs, in order to make money and survive. However, often the situation is much less detrimental than we believe. The key, is to look for other work first to know what your options are. Or, study something of interest to pave the way for more opportunities. At the end of the day, you don’t want to waste too much of your life toiling away at a job you really dislike. Have faith in yourself, find new paths and take control of your life – by quitting that job you hate and moving forward towards a brighter future. That bright future is one of the greatest bucket lists of all time

  2. Race down an active volcano outside of Leon, Nicaragua for the rush of a lifetime, on nothing more than a wooden sled. First though, you’ll need to climb up loose rock with the board strapped to your back, which is a feat in itself.

    You can try volcano boarding standing up (if you’re really game), or sitting down, as you cruise over a friction-intense surface. Though you’ll have a protective suit and goggles on, this ride for crazy speed-demons is not one you want to lose control of.

  3. Chances are strangers might think you’re crazy, if you randomly hug them on the street, but it’s certainly a nice form of madness. When you think about it, there’s probably hundreds of people walking around on any given day, who would love a hug to take the stress away. Let go of any fear of rejection (though choose your recipient wisely) and share the love, with a free hug.

  4. Have you ever imagined standing on the wing of a plane, while it’s actually flying? Wing-walking means you can forget rollercoasters – this experience is for serious adrenalin-junkies after the ultimate ride! First, you’ll be strapped to the top of the wing of a vintage plane. The pilot performs aerobatic maneuvers - as if just standing on the wing and taking off, wasn’t enough. To top off if, you’ll do it in front of a crowd of excited onlookers.

  5. Can you imagine how many opportunities might appear, if you had to say ‘yes’ to everything, just for one day? Try it and see. Doing so might lead to crazy adventures, hilarious misadventures or just meeting new people to expand your social circle. Forget about laziness, fear of the unknown or unwillingness to fail at new things. Just say ‘yes’ and dive right in. If nothing else, you’ll have some interesting stories to tell at the club after work

  6. If you watch travel shows with a strange fascination for TV presenters eating weird and wonderful foods, pop the experience on your bucket list. You could try a live insect in Korea, tuna eyeballs in Japan, white ant egg soup in Laos, jellied moose nose in Canada or crispy cooked tarantulas in Cambodia. In Sardinia, you can even sample Pecorino cheese with hatching maggots inside. Crazy? You’d better believe it.