The last ten days have been an exercise in relativity. Everything feels like it’s moving at light speed. The BucketList marketplace is here. Well, almost here — Easter Monday, to be exact — and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

We put things in motion by launching a community of like-minded dreamers looking to swap the routine for the extraordinary. In the process, we found that, while making a list is good, helping dreamers with real experiences is better. The all new marketplace will do just that. Hooking dreamers up with the people that can actually help them cross experiences off their list.

At the end of the day, it can be very easy to ignore a bucket list: Either you’re too busy, or now’s not the right time, or it’ll take too much work. But it’s hard to make excuses when you have a way to fulfil your dreams right in front of you, waiting, just a click away. That means more skydiving, more adrenaline, more white water rafting, more smiles, more guitar lessons… well, you get the point.

Come launch day, we’ll also have an exclusive online Easter Egg Hunt. You’ll have the opportunity to find a discount code and save up to 5% off on your first adventure or experience (and that’s all on top of our lowest price guarantee).

Can’t wait? Check out what's in store:

We hope you check “going” and we wish you good luck with the hunt :)


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