1. There’s nothing more romantic than floating through the air in silence with panoramic views, in the arms of your loved one. Blend that with the excitement of roaring flames on take-off and thrilling landings and you’ve got yourself one adventurous Valentine’s Day. Most companies combine hot air balloon rides with breakfast or brunch afterwards, so you can talk till your heart’s content about your amazing experience.

  2. Imagine gazing at the sunset, as the water laps at the sides of the boat, while you’re lying in your loved one’s arms. Anything from a speed boat, to a yacht or a kayak makes this bucket list dream come true. Pack delicious treats like strawberries, champagne, cheese and chocolate. Go boating for a whole day or drift out in the late afternoon to appreciate the most romantic time of day, with nothing but the salt air and love for company.

  3. Think Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the movie Ghost or even the hilarious parodies about it :) Learning a new skill together is a bonding experience and one that can be ultra-romantic. Your options are endless, so have a chat about things you’ve always wanted to learn.

    You could choose something extreme, like kite-boarding, sky diving or rock climbing, if you both love adrenalin-inducing fun. Or, how about a gourmet cooking lessons or ballroom dancing? When you love to compete with each other, try soccer, go-karting, ice-hockey or tennis.

  4. Fresh air, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the sound of forest creatures rustling through the plants is a scene simply made for romance. If you love to get active, take a day long hike together to explore waterfalls, lakes and rainforest paths.

  5. Choose a short trail and take backpacks full of delectable goodies to eat, when you find a secluded spot that’s just right for a romantic picnic. Lie back on your picnic rug, listen to the sounds of birds in the trees and chat about all your favorite topics in complete and utter privacy and serenity.

  6. The sound of the surf, the feel of sand on your bare feet and salt air rushing through your hair is enough to put anyone in the mood for romance. Camping on the beach lets you simply relax in each other’s company, with nothing to interrupt your time together but the sound of seagulls on the shore.

    Take a two-person hammock and read your favorite books, go swimming as the sun sets and stroll hand in hand along the beach. When it’s time for dinner, make a camp fire and roast marshmallows, strum on the guitar and gaze at the stars.

  7. A trip to a day spa is something couples or singles can do, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you indulge in massages, rose-petal baths, pedicures, whirlpools or facials, the aim of the game is to relax in the luxurious ambience.

    Buy your loved one a voucher as a surprise gift or book into a spa retreat for the entire weekend. Choose spas right on the beach for romantic, moonlit walks at night, or head out to the country to cozy up by the fire after your revitalizing treatments

  8. Road trips are all the more exciting, when you don’t know where you’ll end up. Go for the day or a weekend and choose a route you’ve never experienced. Pack the car full of provisions, including food, water and anything else you think you might need. That way, you’ll be prepared and won’t have to rely on an itinerary in order to eat. Stop at any interesting towns, landmarks, beaches or parks on the way and explore as much, or as little as you like

  9. A romantic dinner has to be the most classic Valentine’s Day activities of all time. Best of all, you can do it yourself, pick your favorite park, beach or even a cozy spot in your garden or splash out on an organized couple’s dinner on a beach, in the forest or at a resort.

    Decorate with lanterns, candles, plush cushions and blankets, so you’re totally comfortable. Take a picnic with all your favorite foods and don’t forget the bubbly to “cheers” your relationship together

  10. There’s something about old Hollywood movies that simply ooze romance, in a way that can’t be recaptured in modern times. Plan to stay in for your couple’s Valentine’s Day treat, with a selection of the old favorites.

    Set the living room up with candles, flowers and popcorn. Some of the most romantic movies include, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady. By the time you’ve finished watching your collection, the air will literally buzz with a romantic vibe.