Before I die I want to...
Fly A Hot Air Balloon

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I'm terrified of heights but I think it would be an interesting experience, and you need to start somewhere with your fears.


I wanted to since i was little and that would be a dream come true.


Kiss my love in a hot air balloon


I've had this dream my whole life, I cant even remember when i wanted to do it. It feels like I've always wanted it.


Im afraid of heights so this is much more about facing a fear but a beautiful scenery wouldnt hurt!


I think it would be fun. I first wanted to do it when I saw it in the Wizard of Oz. Then I also saw them at a carnival in my area. I was young and my dad said no so I didn't get to go up.


i want to fly in a hot air balloon at Dubai while the sun are rising! i choose this because i saw someone doing it on YouTube and i thought to myself, that would be so awesome!!!!


Having already been skydiving, hot air ballooning would make a nice (non-adrenalin) air experience that is quite and relaxing!


Just think it would be romantic and interesting.


I think it would be really cool and romantic...


They are beautiful! And I love being up high!


One of my big dreams, and have a date on it 2


Challenging myself to not fear heights


My mother-in-law helps with setup and tear downs. Looks inspiring


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