1. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is just what you need to gear up for a game of strip poker. Make it as raunchy or friendly as you like, so you can play it with your partner or friends at a party (with a funny nude costume or swimwear underneath your clothes).

    The rules are pretty simple, but, to play fair, make sure everyone starts with roughly the same amount of clothes on, or add accessories if needed. Deal each player five cards and you’ll exchange one of more of them for an equal number from the deck. Bet or fold, and the person with the highest hand wins. Those that loose, strip off an item of clothing each time.

  2. Rihanna "shines bright like a diamond" and so to, should you! Do you have a special talent? Take the plunge and show it off to the world by getting up to sing a song at karaoke, dance up a storm in a contest or take the stage as a stand-up comedian at a party.

    If you can’t see yourself on stage, shine bright for other people by helping out with a charity or in your local community. You could also literally sparkle, by dressing up in your shiniest outfit and hitting the town in style.

  3. Want to "come in like a Wrecking Ball", aka Miley Cyrus? Sometimes, there’s nothing better than wrecking something – just take a look at the Greek tradition of plate smashing.

    Take a hammer to an old piece of furniture or smash a pumpkin with a baseball bat. If you’re not into having to wear a helmet in case of potential flying dangers, get stuck into a piñata or indulge in a good old fashioned feather pillow fight with some friends.

  4. Take a leaf out of Sia’s book and "live like tomorrow doesn’t exist" from top pop tune, Chandelier. It might be a bit of a stretch to swing from a real life chandelier, unless you happen to live in a palace. But, the experience is well within reach, without shattering any crystals.

    Check out local yard sales for anything resembling a chandelier. Swing sets, ropes or tire swings work just as well. Get a kid’s pool, fix your swing to a nearby tree or pole and swing till your heart’s content, with a splash down finale in the water. This bucket list idea also works if you’ve ever had a secret desire to be Tarzan…

  5. Pink knows how to party, with Raise Your Glass the perfect anthem for a big night out. If you’re ready to get your dancing shoes on, crash a party and let everyone know how to let their hair down. Can’t find a party to crash? Hold your own and invite your craziest friends for fun until the sun comes up.

    Throw an awesome house party for no reason but to let loose. Pull out your best play list, get creative with food platters, have a costume box for silly selfies and make sure there’s plenty of space for all-night dancing. Hint – invite your neighbors so they don’t complain about the noise.

  6. Cyndi Lauper knows that Girls Just Want to Have Fun and there are hundreds of ways to make this bucket list goal a winner. Hold a wine tasting party, get everyone to bring a different bottle and dress up in their best formal gowns – just for fun.

    Have a movie marathon starring everyone’s favorite hot male stars, with buckets of ice-cream and espresso martinis. Hit the shops and window shop till you drop.

  7. Do you think you could "keep on dancing Till The World Ends", like Britney Spears? Pop it on your bucket list and give it a go (for one night at least). This one’s about letting yourself go wild with the music, no matter how you choose to express yourself. If that’s in your pajamas, in the middle of the lounge room with no one but the cat to see you – go for it!

    You can always rock your socks off at an all-night club too, but if that’s not your scene, just get creative with your dancing style. Why not head out into the country and join in with a rollicking barnyard dance? Or, find a salsa school and you’ll be guaranteed to meet like-minded people who’ll be happy to dance the night away.

  8. Taylor Swift knows how to follow her Wildest Dreams and doing so is one of the best bucket list ideas you can come up with. Chances are, you have a lot of wishes to choose from so get out that pen and paper and start jotting down which to follow first.

    Do you want to kiss your crush from high school? Find them on social media to get the ball rolling. Can’t wait to travel the world? Start saving and create a vision board with all the places you want to visit. Still want to be a superhero? Go and get a costume, just to see how it makes you feel.

  9. Christina Aguilera tells us to trust The Voice Within and it’s great advice for your bucket list goals. One of the biggest obstacles to fulfilling dreams is fear, but if you trust your own instincts, you’ll overcome challenges and rise above all odds.

    Don’t be sacred to be who you are and embrace your individuality. Everyone is unique, with something to offer the world. Instead of listening to negativity, realize that you’re capable of becoming anything you want to be. This is what your inner voice wants to tell you - all you have to do is trust it.

  10. Are you ready to be Crazy in Love like Beyoncé? Grab your crush and start ticking off the ultimate couple’s bucket list. If you don’t know where to start, why not try each other’s hobbies, or, better still, pick an entirely new one to do together?

    You could take a road trip without a destination in mind, just to see where you’ll end up. Or, get out the hiking gear and head off into the wilderness. For extra romance, hire a boat and sail into the sunset, with champagne, chocolates and your favorite tunes to play on the breeze. The most important part is that you’re crazy in love with each other, no matter what you do.

  11. Want to have a Friday night you’ll never want to live down? Be like Katy Perry and jump right in to craziness. Have a pool party with pink flamingos, max out your credit card, get kicked out of a bar, streak through your local park, dance on the tabletops, skinny dip in the dark, take too many shots, hit the boulevards and post your funniest pics online.

    Next week we'll kick off September 1st with the entire Friday Night Bucket List. So check back here and just be sure to have ginger ale handy, if you can’t wait to do your pop divas bucket list all over again.

  12. Is there something in life that’s holding you back from your full potential? Maybe a job you don’t like, a negative friend or an unsupportive partner? Maybe it’s time to Break Free, like Ariana Grande.

    You’re much stronger than you think you are and there’s no time like the present to start on a new path. Embrace fear of the unknown and get rid of what’s holding you back, so there’s room for a bright, new future