Before I die I want to...
Swim With Sharks

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From a cage naturally, perhaps in South Africa!


Swim at the shark pool at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas


My mom passed away when I was younger and she loved all of the marine life including sharks, dolphins, and especially sea turtles. I have recently been learning a lot more about sharks and I want to see them up close.


Last year I learned that sharks are not that scary and are actually very friendly. And I would like to be in their presence.


Swimming with sharks because I want to meet my favorite animal


I always think sharks are scary so I want to face my fear


Swim with a whale shark before I turn 30


I love sharks and would love to swim with some


I've always feared sharks but at the same time I think they are an amazing predator. To beat my fear i'd like to swim with sharks.


I used to live in San Diego and in the summer, the baby sharks would be born and people would swim with them.


Why not, seems like fun and I like sharks


I want to go swimming with sharks by July 8th, 2025.


I want to swim with great whites


I want to swim with sharks, not cage dive, but safely be out in the open with any species of shark like lemon sharks, etc.


Tattoo: Water reflection on back


My Daughter loves sharks and always shows me a video of sharks. I would love to swim with them (or controlled swim) ;)


Yet another adrenaline-based activity that feels like a must do!


My fear of Sharks makes this is an exhilarating experience.


Definitely a mermaid tail. Preferably one that tastes super gross!


Sharks are cool, swim with them


I thought, why be afraid? They're fish under the sea, too. Sometimes they get confused and attack us. Humans do the same as well, maybe even worse. But it's worth a try, isn't it?


They are just as innocent as Dolphins


go swimming in the ocean with sharks!




There's a tour you can take from San Diego that goes down to an island in Mexico and puts you in a shark take to see huge Great Whites up close in the wild. What a trip!


OK so I have kind of done this one in the Maldives where we were able to swim with sharks of up to about 4-5ft long... But this ambition is to see the big boys up close... In a protective cage where you can see the Great Whites face to face.