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Rafting on the Lower New River Gorge, WV

Posted by clgemskieclgemskie

Last weekend of the rafting season in WV on the Lower New River Gorge for 2021.  My husband took me to his family rafting place and showed me how amazing it was!  Despite the rain (we were going to get wet anyway), it was a phenomenal experience!  I always thought my first trip would be rafting in CO, however I was pleasantly surprised with the warmth of the water in ...

White Water Rafting

Posted by AllisonJaynesAllisonJaynes

Ironically, almost as soon as I added this to my bucket list and posted a link to Pocono Whitewater, my little brother, who lives in PA, called to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving.

He is up for this adventure, so hopefully the kids & I can take a trip to visit him & his family and enjoy some white water rafting for a day.

When we visit him, I ...

CA Raft Tours

Posted by V_R_LimaV_R_Lima

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