Before I die I want to...
Be Happy

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Doesn't everybody want to be happy?


Happiness... I always doubt that I find a way to be happy and live in the moment totally in union with myself and the world.


Happiness is key to a good life!


I've struggled with depression all of my life. Somedays I don't even feel like waking up. I don't feel like doing anything. I live each day, convincing myself that life's worth living. That I'm never promised tomorrow. How sad it'd make my mother. And if I died,how would I get to watch the following seasons of Supernatural!? I just want to be happy


Happiness is a choice. You have to work hard and swipe away all the bad things because you're the one causing it. Stop procrastinating, because that's just creating more stress, and stop doubting yourself. Were all beautiful in different ways. Accept it!


Make a happiness list. After all, what is the point of this (for me at least) if not to discover things I love <3


What is the point to life or any of this if we can't be happy! I can proudly tick this off as my wife gives me eternal happiness :)


No matter where I am, what I'm doing or who I'm with, as long as I'm happy the details are unimportant.


Experience, if just for a moment, a time with absolutely no worries, including money, family, or work troubles